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Celebrate the Angels Among Us with the Willow Tree Collection

March 12, 2018

Willow Tree collection: Angel of Hope

Celebrate the Angels Among Us with the Willow Tree Collection

A study found that one third of Britons believe in angels. Others may not be sure but like the idea of a positive entity looking out for them. To share this positive feeling with those you care about, the Willow Tree collection includes a stunning range of angel figurines. These breathtaking designs celebrate angels for all kinds of special occasions, so there is something for everyone, including you!

Comfort in Difficult Times

Life can bring us many challenges. During hard times, it can be challenging to maintain hope and optimism. Willow Tree’s collection of angels offer comfort. The Willow Tree Angel of Hope holds a candle to symbolise lighting the way.

The Angel of Hope and Angel of Healing are perfect for anyone facing health challenges, either their own or those of a loved one. The Angel of Healing has an angel gently giving comfort to a bird. This tender tableau is sure to reach the hearts of those in need of support and healing.

Positive Moments for Everyday Life

The Willow Tree collection expresses positive feelings for everyday homes and lives. The Willow Tree Angel of the Garden looks on with kindness while resting on a shovel. Meanwhile, the Willow Tree Angel of the Kitchen is there to add cheer to everyone’s day, as she gently cradles a teapot – and who couldn’t do with a nice hot cup of freshly made tea once in a while?  

When Words Aren’t Enough

There are so many people who are important to us. From family and friends to acquaintances who come to our rescue when we need them most, there are many people who deserve our thanks and appreciation. Unfortunately, words often struggle to fully convey how much a person’s actions or moral support means to us. 

When you’re at a loss for words (or even when you aren’t) the Willow Tree collection can speak for you. While greeting cards may be appreciated for a few moments, these beautiful figurines will last a lifetime.

The Willow Tree Just for You is a delightful angel holding a “Thank You” for all to behold. For an important teacher in your or your child’s life, there is the You’re the Best figurine. This charming angel has a ponytail and holds a bright red apple. She represents all those great educators who deserve special recognition and assistance in their good works.

If you’d like to show someone you care, that you’re thinking of them, or simply that you appreciate who they are, browse our range of tender, loving angel figurines today.