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Classy Ways to Personalise Your Workspace

February 18, 2018

Let the World of Miss Mindy brighten up your office space

We spend most of our waking life at work. Long hours are hard enough to face without being confined to a boring, and generic-looking workspace. The difficulty is finding ways to incorporate your style and personal interests into your office space while still looking professional. 


Evaluate Your Company

The first step is to take a look at how other people in your workplace have accessorised their work areas. The acceptable types of personalisation vary depending on the industry or even the manager within a specific department. Take a special look at those who are above you in the company’s hierarchy, not those on the same level or lower. You want to stage your area like you are ready for a promotion!


Art Over Toys

Even in a casual workplace your collection of comic book action figures could send the wrong message. That doesn’t mean that you can’t bring your hobbies and interests into the workplace, though. The secret is to elevate your interests from video games, childhood favourites, or movie characters, from cute or nostalgic to original and creative.


The World of Miss Mindy Presents Disney, for example, takes favourite Disney characters and transforms them into stunning figurines. Suddenly, your area of interest has created a stylish addition to your workspace. That makes these wonderfully crafted figurines ideal for adding a colour, fun and personality to the office.


Put the Fun into Functional

One of the best ways to liven up your workspace is to add functional but clever items. Come Christmas time, for example, how about a festive box of tissues? Think of what other typical desk objects you could swap out for certain times of year or special occasions.


Mouse pads are a classic way to liven up a workspace. They can include images from your favourite movie or of a tropical beach. You can even have a mouse pad custom-printed with pictures from your last scenic holiday adventures or pick out a mouse pad in a colourful pattern to brighten your spirits.


Other items on your desk that could be made more fun and current include tape dispensers, push pins, dry erase boards, or paperclips. Organisers for office supplies can help make your work area more functional while adding a bit of colour and character. Notepads and sticky notes can be another way to add some office flare.


Drink in the Variety

The coffee mug can’t be beat for adding a small bit of office fun. Clever sayings, quotes, movie and television characters, famous artworks and hobbies are all featured on mugs. Not only can they liven up your workspace, they can lighten up meetings with a bit of humour. Just remember to keep them appropriate, and think not just about what might be funny, but also how they could reflect your interests or background. One tip is to consider what kind of conversation could be encouraged from a quote or image, and what you could bring to that conversation that’s original or engaging.


From stunning collectible figurines to thoughtful examples of classic literature, there are endless ways for you to help express your creativity, humour and intellect.