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Embracing the Power of Positive Thinking

May 11, 2018

The Power of Positive Thinking

We all face challenges in our lives. Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to improve your life simply by maintaining a positive outlook. Science has found that mental attitude has a significant impact on our health and happiness. Having the right frame of mind can enable you to better deal with any that life throws your way. The real challenge can be how to keep that positive outlook. Here are tips for keeping yourself (and your family) on the right track.


  1. Positive Phrases

Home and office décor are great places to display positive thoughts. Decorative pillows, plaques, signs, and magnets are easy ways to put your favourite inspirational quotes. This way, everyone in your household or office can enjoy these positive messages whenever they’re there. Keep in mind that you should focus on finding inspirational thoughts that truly call out to you and make you feel more upbeat.


  1. Reminders

Another way to inspire yourself is by displaying other meaningful items. Anything that reminds you of positive moments in your life can be a good way to remind yourself of the positive parts of your life and help promote a positive mood. Have collections of items you love like figurines, family photographs, children’s artwork, and pictures from your travels or places you enjoy.


  1. Lists

Humans are problem-solvers. We look for ways to make our lives better and to help the people we care about. That problem-solving is wonderful since it helps spur our success but it can lead us to spend too much time focusing on problems. One great way to prevent that is to make a habit of making lists. Rather than your usual list of things you need at the store or work that you need to finish, start making positive lists. Once per day take a moment or two to write a list of things you are grateful for or your accomplishments. This doesn’t have to take much time. Simply write down three or five things to be happy about that day. From a hot cup of coffee or a sunny day to major accomplishments, we all have reasons to be happy.


  1. Save the Date

Usually the only things that make our schedule are things we have to do and big events like holidays. Instead of saving your happiness for a few weeks when you have time off from work or school, schedule it on a regular basis. Take a few moments on a regular basis to do something you enjoy. It could be a date night with your partner or as simple as planning to spend your lunch break on a walk through the park. Find small things that bring you joy and make time for them.


  1. Celebrate

Special occasions are times to be happy but we generally have few special occasions in our lives. Birthdays, anniversaries, and bank holidays are wonderful but why limit yourself? Maximize any reasons to be positive. First day of spring, the anniversary of the date your parents got engaged, International Ice Cream Day, or the season premier of your favourite television show can all become special occasions to enjoy.


The secret to keeping a positive perspective is finding things that improve your outlook and making them a more active part of your life.