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Escape to Happiness Through the Disney Britto Collection

January 08, 2019

Escape to Happiness Through the Disney Britto Collection

Check out the definition of escapism in a dictionary and you will find something along these lines – the avoidance of unpleasant, boring, or scary parts of everyday life. Let’s be honest, whilst we generally love life, there are times when you could cheerfully hide beneath the duvet for 24 hours!


We have so much responsibility and “stuff” going on, it’s impossible to abandon the daily grind completely. But allow us to let you into a little secret – it’s ok to escape down the rabbit hole and venture into Wonderland now and again. It doesn’t even have to be Wonderland (although Alice seemed to enjoy herself, aside from dodging the crazy Queen of Hearts who seemed to be determined to remove a few heads)! You need to find your own little happy place. Why not create a corner of your home you can lose yourself in?  You could even decorate it with some of the characters from the wonderful, colourful Disney Britto Collection.


There’s something about Disney that seems to transport us to a place of wonderment and fun. As children, our lives were uncluttered and usually relatively free from worry. We didn’t have to concern ourselves with getting that promotion at work. We didn’t spend our time worrying about covering the bills and mortgage or getting the car booked in for a service. We were mercifully ignorant in terms of the atrocities going on in the world and really believed that good always triumphs over evil in the end.


In the wonderful world of Disney that’s often the case. Good wins over evil. Villains are banished or they realise the error of their ways. The heroes and heroines of the piece always seem to get through adversity and come out the other side stronger and usually happier. If only real life were like that but, as we know, it’s tough out there. No wonder we occasionally want to return to our childhood and to retreat to a place where we know the rules. There we can find fun and laughter and there’s always a happy ending.


In the world of Disney, you can be whoever you want, a prince or princess, a sorcerer, or even a small woodland animal that can talk! We have to be so normal on a daily basis, the thought of escaping to a world where we can fly, fight dragons, meet Kings and Queens, live below the sea, or conquer an evil witch is exciting stuff. Disney is immersive and it’s something most of us know very well.


Disney characters are like our old friends, we know them well and have an affinity with certain ones. Whether you’re a fan of the friendly and charming Pooh, admire the spirited Tinkerbell, or identify with the inquisitive and fair-minded Alice, there’s a Disney character for you. The settings are comforting too. Yes, we know that Wonderland is a little quirky and not for the faint-hearted, but wouldn’t we all like to go for a stroll through Hundred-Acre-Wood or flit off to Neverland to play all day long? We can ignore the pile of ironing and forget peeling those potatoes or clearing out the garage. For a short time, we don’t have to attend the meeting about the new multi-story car park being built on the beautiful green field down the road or visit the dentist to have that filling.


That’s because Disney is a little breath of fresh air away from the humdrum – if only we could embrace it more!


Unfortunately, real life has us firmly in its grip, but then endless days spent in a world based on Disney might be too much. Much better to dip your toe into the water now and again and leave your cares behind. Next time it’s all getting too much, pick up one of the wonderful colourful Disney Britto collection characters sitting on your shelf and lose yourself in a faraway place of frivolity and adventure. We’re not advocating you adopt your favourite character’s stance in certain situations – if he was facing a challenge that needed careful consideration Pooh would probably devour a pot of honey first! But try to remember that life can also have its lighter moments. It’s these “Disney moments” that can make us feel much better and help us to realise that life is not always full of bad news, doom and gloom!