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Back to School with Gift Giving All Wrapped Up

August 20, 2019

Back to School with Punilabo from Lihit Lab

With the summer holidays quickly coming to a close, you must be thinking about the new school year starting in September! It’s time to get in to the ‘back to school’ mentality again. Whether you have little ones starting nursery for the first time, kids moving up a year group in school, tweens preparing for their first day of secondary school or perhaps even the dreaded return to work after a couple of weeks lazing around in the sun on holiday, we’ve got everything you need to be ready for the start of the new term…

Beatrix Potter:

Did you know that Beatrix Potter herself was a life-long fan of learning, with a particular interest in all-things science? Help your little ones to keep clean while creating some messy science experiments of their own! From mixing colours to making bubbles and everything in between, our aprons and tabards featuring everyone’s favourite bob-tailed bunnies are perfect for protecting little one’s School uniforms while looking super cute too!

Available in two designs featuring either Peter Rabbit or his sister Flopsy, the aprons and tabards are extremely easy to wipe clean! Plus, our adorable drawstring bags in the same Peter Rabbit or Flopsy designs are great for transporting books and other bits to and from school.

Peppa Pig:

Our Peppa Pig collection is perfect for all your back to school needs. With a bib, tabard and apron all featuring your little one’s favourite characters from the animated cartoon series, like Peppa Pig and her brother George, kids are going to love getting messy (or should that be creative?) while wearing these. Whether it’s playing in sand, finger painting with bright colours, or jumping in muddy puddles during breaktime outside! We also have  a matching drawstring bag to help keep things tidy while being transported to and from school.

What’s more, all of our aprons, tabards and drawstring bags come with a super affordable price tag. We know the start of a new term can be costly when it comes to new uniforms, school dinners and everything else that needs to be paid for, but with these affordable items, there’s no need to break the bank in the process of preparing for heading back to school!

Lihit Lab:

We also have something to help slightly older children get organised and ready for the start of school term with our new super cute Lihit Lab stationary range! Super fun for animal lovers and stationery fans alike, our new collection of furry-friend-themed pen cases are the perfect piece to proudly display on any desk. The quirky design means the bottom of the pen cases retracts to create a flat base, so each pen case can stand on its own, meaning less clutter on desk space and more room for learning!

Also new to our Lihit Lab stationary range is our Bloomin collection. Jam-packed with bloomin’ good ideas to help keep tweens and teens fashionably organised with colourful accessories to brighten up their day when it’s time to go back to school, the new items are every stationery lover’s dream while being super stylish and practical too. Made of silicone, all pouches and accessories are super sleek and easy to clean!

See all of our back to school items here: