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Great Ways to Make Your Guest Bathroom Fabulous

August 03, 2018

Guest Bathroom Ideas — Willow Tree

Holding events at our homes can be a wonderful way to connect with friends, neighbours, and family. It can be a place for your children to entertain their friends while keeping them within your earshot so that you can make sure they’re safe. Whether your guest bathroom is only used for casual visitors or if your in-laws will be spending their holidays there, you want them to be comfortable. Here are ways to make your WC more than OK.

Practical Functionality

Water closets should be designed for one primary function. Avoid the temptation to become a little too cute or quirky in the design or accessories for the room. The lock on the door should be easy to operate without being too tricky or confusing. Keep in mind that people planning to use the room might not be in the best shape to figure out a complicated locking mechanism. You don’t want to risk children or tipsy visitors becoming confused and trapped in the room.

Spots of Interest

Guest bathrooms can look a little blah. Usually there is a very limited amount of space and a toilet and sink might not leave a lot of room for making the room seem inviting. That’s why it can be important to add a few special welcoming touches. A Willow Tree figurine can add a warm element and some personality. Small figurines can fit easily into even small spaces. Another idea is to hang up a piece of artwork to capture the eyes of anyone entering the room. Having a focal point of interest is particularly important in bathroom in order to distract from the small size of the room. Having a few dashes of colour or eye-catching accessories focuses attention there instead of how enclosed the space is.  

Sadly, even in the best decorated home often the guest bathroom remains unadorned and forgotten. Your guests will spend only a small amount of time in this room but it serves an key function and, therefore, should be given an effort to make it special. Because it’s a small room, it can be the easiest place to make a bold statement, even on a limited budget. Paint a single wall in a bright colour to add some flare. Pick a theme and make the room a place to celebrate your love for the beach or fondness for plaids. You can add a fun tropical motif or a reproduction of a favourite painting. You can quickly redecorate when the mood strikes or use the guest WC as a place to display a variety of seasonal decorations.


People often feel awkward when then need to use the bathroom in someone else’s home. To help provide a better sense of privacy, ideally your guest WC would be located a bit away from where people are likely to gather. Of course, most people don’t have that much control over the layout of their homes. Fortunately, there are still some ways to give the illusion of more privacy. If possible, place a room divider or a large house plant between the door to the room to add a greater sense of being a comfort distance away from others.

Another way to make your guest WC seem more private is to reduce how much sound carries. Adding a fan or other ventilation system that runs whenever the light is on can provide welcome white noise to the room. Adding a few items to help absorb sounds within the room can help, as well. Soft surfaces like towels and fake plants reduce how much sound carries.


Remember, the purpose of a WC is to be functional. Don’t get so carried away with stylish items that you make the room less comfortable for people to use. Mini cakes of soap in fun shapes might look attractive but your guests might be afraid they’ll ruin the soaps if they actually use them. The same is true with overly fancy towels that guests might be reluctant to touch. Make sure towels look washable and try using a liquid soap in a dispenser so your visitors won’t worry about messing up a fresh cake of soap.


Your visitors are likely to need things while they’re there. Your guest WC is the perfect place to go the extra distance in making your visitors feel at home. Stockpile the emergency supplies your guests might need like disposable tissues, women’s sanitary supplies, bandages, and lotion. If your guests are likely to spend the night, you can also offer them toothpaste, spare toothbrushes, mouthwash, face cleaner, lotion, dental floss, and instant spot cleaner. This can be a huge help to anyone who has forgotten to pack something in their suitcase or visitors who are unexpectedly spending the night. For a full bathroom, you might also add shampoo, conditioner, and shower wash.