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Happy 60th Anniversary Sleeping Beauty!

July 01, 2019

Aurora figurine by Disney Showcase Collection

You  know her, you walked with her once upon a dream! That’s right… now is not the time to hit snooze and lay in bed, because today we’re celebrating the 60th anniversary of Sleeping Beauty!

Debuting on 29th July in 1959, the feature-length animated movie from the Walt Disney Studios shot to fame and has stood the test of time, being a firm family favourite across the generations. Telling the story of Princess Aurora who falls into a fateful slumber only to be awoken by true love’s first kiss, this fairy tale has captured the hearts and minds of Disney fans and movie aficionados alike for a whole 60 years!

So whether you’re old enough to remember the original film’s first release and remain a big kid at heart to this day, or perhaps you want to help the younger members of your family get to know this iconic Disney Princess in more detail as we celebrate her 60th anniversary, we have a whole host of figurines, collectables and lovely home-wares that are just perfect for this right royal celebration!

Featuring all of your favourite characters including Aurora (Sleeping Beauty herself), Prince Phillip, Maleficent and the three fairy godmothers – Flora, Fauna and Merryweather – there’s something to suit all tastes and all price points too.

From some of our most-loved Disney brands including Disney Traditions by Jim Shore, The World of Miss Mindy Presents Disney, Disney Britto, Disney Showcase and Enchanting Disney, there’s no better reason to add to your collection of Disney figurines and home wares than on Sleeping Beauty’s diamond anniversary.

One of our favourite pieces in our Sleeping Beauty range of collectables is this piece from Disney Showcase. Featuring Princess Aurora in her ball gown, her dress is coloured in different shades of pink and blue, just as in the film when Sleeping Beauty is awoken from Maleficent’s curse by Prince Phillip and they dance the night away, as the three fairy godmothers squabble over the shade of the swathes of fabric shouting 'make it pink' and ‘make it blue’.

It’s a super fun moment in the movie and we’re sure it’s a scene you remember fondly too. So other than asking which piece you’re going to purchase to commemorate Sleeping Beauty’s 60th anniversary, there’s only one other question that remains… would you make it pink or blue?