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How to Buy the Perfect Housewarming Gift

March 29, 2018

How to Buy the Perfect Housewarming Gift

There are many times you visit the home of a friend, colleague or neighbour and want to bring a small gift. Usually you’re attending a routine party or other average event. That makes picking what to take relatively easy. A plate of baked goods or a bottle of wine will probably do the trick. The problem is when you are invited over for a more special occasion. Perhaps it the first event in their new house or other momentous gathering. That requires a special gift that is worthy of this important event. Here are ideas on how to pick out the best gift.



One key feature of a housewarming gift or present for a big occasion is the need for it to last, at least for a while. You don’t want your gift to be gobbled up and forgotten minutes after you arrive. That eliminates many of the more common present choices as good options.


One approach is to take a typical hostess gift and elevate it. Avoid giving a bottle of wine that will either be consumed right away or end up as just another item in their wine cabinet. Consider a special bottle of whiskey or other alcohol. While a bottle of wine will be consumed at a single meal, a special bottle of spirits can be enjoyed for over a much longer period of time. Related gift ideas include a decanter, a quality wine opener, or even a set of glasses.



For big occasions like a new house, you might want to purchase a gift that will become a part of the new household, memorialising your relationship and the importance of the event. That’s when figurines like the ones from Willow Tree can provide the perfect gift options. A figurine set to represent the people in their household, perhaps, or an angel to watch over all of them. This meaningful gift will show them how much you care while providing them with lovingly designed artwork that they can enjoy and pass down for generations. Figurines have the advantage to being easy to use and move around. Artwork that has to be hung on the walls can be more difficult to fit into the home’s décor. Figurines can be rearranged and grouped together in different ways over the years to help their owners continue to find new things to admire in them.



Objects they can use for a new home are another great gift option. This can be more challenging since you have to know what they already own and what they might need. A little investigation or a quick visit to their home could provide some inspiration for gift ideas that will be appreciated. Kitchen items are one way to go. An attractive serving platter could be a great way to present your homemade treats for the party while leaving them a lovely tray they can use for future gatherings. A set of tools for their grill or a grill cover could help them entertain throughout the summer. For something small, consider wine glass charms or a set of unique drink coasters.


Collectibles, designer dining room accessories, limited edition whiskeys.... the ideas are out there, all you have to do is pick out the right one for the occasion and person.