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How to Create Inspiring Spiritual Spaces

May 11, 2018

Create Inspiring Spiritual Spaces

In our busy lives, we can begin to feel disconnected from our spiritual lives and beliefs. Even if we attend weekly religious services, we can spend the rest of the week too busy with day-to-day concerns to focus much on the bigger picture. That can leave us feeling like we’re sometimes lacking the reassurance and grounding our beliefs provide.


Find What Speaks to You

There are different things that remind us of our spiritual selves. For some people, it could be viewing waves crashing on a pristine beach or a bustling cityscape. Others may be drawn to more formal symbols of religion or images of family. Think about what makes you feel connected and safe. It could be a family picture from your childhood with your extended family or a Willow Tree figurine to remind you of a favourite grandparent who has passed on. Find items that will be instant reminders of what is important to you.


Find Key Locations

Knowing where to put items that will keep you inspired and grounded doesn’t have to be difficult. At home you can create strategic nooks to house memorable figurines or mementos. Hang framed images on the wall that will help keep you grounded. Make sure you pick places where the items you’ve selected with will catch your eye on at least a daily basis.


Away from Home

Most of us spend a great deal of our time at work, school, running errands, or transporting kids. That doesn’t mean you need to limit your spiritual spaces to your house. In fact, you may need spiritual reminders most when you are away from home. A keychain can be a great place to add a small token or frame to keep you grounded. Christmas tree ornament-sized spiritual reminders can be hung from your rear-view mirror to brighten even the most stressful commute.


Smartphones provide another place you can create a spiritual space. Have wallpaper and start-up images that bring you joy.  Find a ringtone that reminds you of what you value in life and of happy times. Change out images periodically to keep them fresh and eye-catching. You want to make sure they are still causing you to take a moment to think and remember what you hold dear.


Work can be the most challenging place to establish spiritual spaces. Open workplace designs have made it more difficult to bring personal touches to work. Many offices also have rules prohibiting the display of many types of personal items or décor. Shared or rotating work assignments can mean there is no room to put personal items in the workspaces. There are several ways to work around this. A workplace locker can be a great place to display a spiritual reminder. Wearing a necklace, charm bracelet, or decorative pin could be an option, as well. If you’ll have a separate login for your office computer, you can set your own wallpaper to be an inspiration image or have a screen saver that is a rotating series of different images. Reminder, simple reminders sometimes work the best. Be creative and find ways to make your own spiritual spaces.