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How to Make Your Collection Even Better

March 05, 2018

Miss Mindy Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Figurine

Collecting can be fun and exciting but, for many of us, it doesn’t end there. We are always eager to find new ways to expand our collections. If you feel like your collection has stalled or if you want to continue improving it, check out these great ideas.


Expand Your Base

The biggest issue in many collections is too much exclusive focus on central characters. You love Ariel but have you added her friends and the other characters from The Little Mermaid? We often end up skipping the side characters or villains when we begin collecting, but you shouldn’t leave your favourites standing alone. Get all the related characters so that none of your figurines are sitting in a virtual vacuum – this will make your collection more valuable and easier to display in fun and creative ways.


New Incarnations

New takes on our favourites can add new life to your collection. Artistic interpretations like The World of Miss Mindy Presents Disney offer stunningly original twists on characters that may have been around for generations. That can make it easier to expand your collection beyond the bounds of a display cabinet and into every room of your house or workplace.


Enhanced Displays

If you normally leave your collectibles in their boxes, you may consider storing the boxes separately so that you can more freely display the figurines. If you already have the figurines in display cases, consider making your display more exciting. Group related figures together in an interactive way. Add background elements and accessories to make a dynamic scene rather than a static display.


Different Carriers

The characters and images you love come in different forms. Expand your collection beyond figurines and into jewellery, home décor items and accessories. This not only makes your collection more robust, it also gives you other ways to enjoy the characters you love. Stop limiting them to a display case when you could be using towels or purses with their images on a daily basis.


Collectible Art

In addition to artistic figurines like The World of Miss Mindy Presents Disney, seek out two-dimensional art for your home or office. Wall art can add colour to your décor while celebrating the rest of your collection. Search online for authorised artwork that features the favourite characters from your collection.


If your collection is inspired by movies, look for original frames from the films or sketches that were part of the design process. The limited availability of these frames from the movies makes them highly collectible. Be sure to display them in acid-free materials where they will be protected from damage from moisture or pollution. This will help keep them safe for years to come – and we want to be able to enjoy our collections for as long as possible!