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How to Make Your Guest Room Special

September 24, 2018

Willow Tree ornaments displayed on sideboard

It can be wonderful having a space where your friends and family can make themselves feel at home when they visit. Unfortunately, most of us can’t dedicate an entire room to doing just one thing. Here are ways to provide a great guest room experience while making the most of the space you have in your home.


Make a Plan

We usually focus most of our interior design efforts on main living areas of the home. That only makes sense as those are the places we are likely to share with family and visitors on a regular basis. Our next priority is likely to be the master bedroom and children’s bedrooms. By the time all those projects have been completed, even those of us who love interior decorating may have run out of energy and budget, leaving our guest bedrooms looking a little forgotten. Now is the ideal time to tackle the look of your guest room while the weather is nice. Then you’ll be ready to more comfortably host visitors once the winter holidays arrive.


Sweet Dreams

The most important consideration for visitors sleeping over is obviously going to be where to sleep. This is when you need to consider who is likely to use your guest bedroom and for how long. For maximum versatility, a bed that folds up into the wall is the best option. This frees up that space to use for other activities when no guests are in your house. A couch that converts into a bed is another way to make your space multi-functional. The problem is these bedding options may not provide as much comfort as a regular mattress and box spring. If your visitors are likely to be older or stay for longer periods of time, the comfort factor may take priority over freeing up space the rest of the year.


Show Some Personality

One of the biggest problems with guest bedrooms is they tend to be lacking in style. Because this is usually the last room in the house to be decorated, it may be furnished with whatever was left over. Other furniture might be inexpensive or used in order to stick to a budget. Many people are hesitant to spend much money on a room that will rarely be in use.


Just because the guest room isn’t heavily used doesn’t mean that it is unworthy of a little personality. In fact, this can be the best room in the house in which to experiment. This can be a wonderful place to put a display case for figurines or other collectibles that you might have limited display space for elsewhere in your home. These items can brighten up the room and make it more fun for anyone staying there. They can even become the focal point of the room and inspire a more interesting colour scheme.


If your home needs storage space, consider adding storage containers that fit under the bed or upper closet shelves where the space often goes unused by guests. Look for multifunctional pieces of furniture that you can utilise when your guests aren’t there. Short dressers can serve double duty as a desk or workstation. A folding or rolling cart could be used for your sewing machine or laptop and then rolled out of the way before guests arrive.



You’ll want to leave enough space in the closet or drawers for your guests to unpack their suitcases and make themselves at home. That doesn’t mean you need to abandon the closet the rest of the time. Your best option is to add shelves, baskets, and other storage elements that will enable you to use the space, keep things neat and accessible, and provide a space that is easy for guests to use.



One of the biggest reasons why guest bedrooms tend to look bland is the lack of a colour scheme. There is a tendency to default to neutral colours so much that the room ends up looking generic. Fortunately, there are easy ways to add colour. Bed linens are the quickest way to make a dramatic change in the colour scheme. On the other hand, new linens can be pricey. The least expense way to transform the room can be to buy a little paint.


Painting the room’s walls can provide an entirely different feel for the room. If that seems like too much work, you can paint a single wall in a bold colour to add life to the space without needing to move all the furniture. Mismatched furniture can be brought together as a unified look by painting in matching colours. In a few hours you could have a set of furnishings that look coordinated, fresh, and new. 


Think Bigger

Why not make your guest room fun? Celebrate your love of all things Disney with décor that revolves around Mickey Mouse and his friends. You could pick a black, white, and red colour scheme and add Disney collectibles to consolidate the look. You could celebrate your love of the beach with an ocean-inspired room. A few images of waves, sea shells, and bright tropical colours could transform a boring space into a tropical wonderland.


Don’t be afraid to try an exciting décor plan for your guest bedroom. Just be warned that if the room looks too wonderful, your guests might never want to leave!