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How to Pick a Great Graduation Gift

March 29, 2018

How to Pick a Great Graduation Gift

A graduation from school is an enormous milestone in anyone’s life. Whether it’s celebrating the completion of secondary school or an advanced university degree, it is important to recognise the occasion. The temptation can be to rush out to buy a typical gift rather than giving it the thought it deserves. Such a momentous event in a person’s life justifies a bigger gift. Not necessarily bigger in price, but bigger in significance. Here are some ideas on how to buy the ideal gift that will do the occasion justice.



One gift that they can treasure forever is a collectible. Figurines and other memorabilia can become items they enjoy and even pass down to the next generation. There are nearly endless options available. If the graduate in your life has a particular hobby or favourite movie, you can find a related collectible that is sure to please.


Not only are figurines and other collectibles a personal gift that will speak specifically to the new graduate in question, but this type of gift acts as an ongoing reminder of the achievement and how much you care. Collectibles have another advantage is that they are easy to transport. Eventually any graduate is likely to move either to new flat across town or to a different city elsewhere in the world, and collectibles are easy to pack up and take with them wherever they go.



For graduates getting ready to move away from home for the first time, luggage can make a highly practical gift. This can help them make the move elsewhere or at least return back home for periodic visits. From sets of luggage to carry on bags and rucksacks, there are a range of options available in different prices. Even if they already own luggage, it could be time for an upgrade. New suitcase designs better comply with changing airline restrictions and feature lightweight materials with multi-directional wheels. Luggage will be helpful and useful for years to come.


Home Furnishings

For a student graduating and preparing to set up a new household or dorm room for the first time, home furnishings could be in high demand. The expense of trying to outfit even a small home can be a huge challenge, particularly combined with the other expenses they are likely to face at the same time. Providing a key piece of furniture or two (like a mattress, bedroom set, or desk) can be a great gift. These furnishings can be enjoyed for years and form the basis for the rest of their décor. If you aren’t nearby or don’t know what pieces they need, an option could be a gift card for a home furnishings or furniture store.



Even a child going from primary school to secondary school has taken an enormous personal step. So for graduates, it could be time to recognise their achievement with something that is extra special and meaningful. This could be an opportunity to consider any heirlooms you plan to pass on. From jewellery that has been in the family for generations, to items you’ve collected that you know they love, this could be the right time to present a gift that will be treasured for years to come.


Milestones like these are rare, and all the more special for it. So why not mark the occasion with a gift – whether a beautiful collectible or family heirloom such as a painting or bracelet – that helps express your pride and affection?