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How to Take Your Winter Decorations to the Next Level

December 11, 2018

How to Take Your Winter Decorations to the Next Level

The festive season is a magical time filled with food, family, friends, and fabulous times spent together. One of the ways we set the stage to make all those memories even more special is to decorate. Having our homes filled with magical Christmas trees and other décor instantly greets everyone who visits and lifts the hearts of those living within our homes.

For many of us, tradition plays the biggest role in our seasonal decorations. Each year we drag the boxes down from the attic or up from the basement and put up our usual assortment of decorations. These traditions can be important but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep your décor looking fresh. You can combine the elements you love in new ways so that it makes a statement, without losing any of the sentiment. Bringing in new approaches can enable you to impress visitors but there is a more important reason. Using the same decorations the same way every year can cause those decorations to become invisible. We become accustomed to seeing them so they may lose their significance. Keeping the same look each year can also lead to having a home that no longer fully reflects your current family. Those ornaments your kids made when they were five will always have a key spot in your heart but you want to make sure your kids are equally acknowledged for who they are today.

Here are ways to update your festive season décor in simple ways. No massive light displays or laser shows required!

  1. Colour

One of the easiest ways to gain a fresh look for your existing decorations is to begin sorting elements out by colour. Instead of the usual mix of ornaments on the tree, pick a colour scheme and hang the matching ornaments. For example, your Christmas tree could really “pop!” if you use all your purple and white ornaments on your green tree and use the other decorations in a different location. Surround the tree with decorations in the same colours, like the Snowbabies Collection – Christmas 2018 which has adorable scenes in snowy white. You’ll be surprised how your decorations will suddenly seem more exciting, simply by grouping them by colour. Deck your halls in shades of green, your kitchen in red, or your dining room in blue and white. Instead of separate elements, you’ll have a coordinated look.

  1. Room Themes

In conjunction with picking specific colour schemes for each room, you can incorporate themes. Group your Santa Claus collection together in a room with red décor. A hallway could become home to a nutcracker collection or images of Christmas trees. Snowflakes and other wintery scenes can be gathered together with your collection of snowmen and Snowbabies. You could pick rooms that pay tribute to your love of dogs, music, sports cars, Elvis, or anything else you enjoy, simply by gathering them together in a holiday theme. 

  1. Nooks of Interest

Having a collection spread across the room can dissipate the impact. Gather like items together so that the miniature holiday village is in one group and your figurine collection is in another area. That way each can become a focal point, instead of being visually lost as items scattered around the house.   

  1. Something for Every Age

The festive season is a wonderful time for people of all ages but sometimes our decorations don’t reflect that. Make sure you have decorations that work for everyone. That doesn’t mean that everything needs to be kid-friendly. Simply pick a few components that could appeal to each age. That could mean having a collection of collectable figurines on your mantel with a few kid-friendly plush Santa Clauses and snowmen within reach of children. Having Christmas toys and other pieces of decorations that children can play with can help keep them happy while avoiding fights over them wanting to play with more fragile décor items.

  1. Unexpected

Don’t be afraid to think of original ways to add décor or to use your existing decorations. Hang snowflake ornaments from the ceiling to capture a sense of whimsy. Hang Christmas tree ornaments from the garland draped around your stair railing or mantel. Wrap pillars inside your home with lights or hang a strand of lights from the ceiling or railing and fasten Christmas cards all the way down it as a unique display.  

  1. Many Occasions

Don’t feel like you need to limited yourself to Christmas decorations. You can add elements of the other holidays from the season so that everyone feels welcome. Add a few dreidels for the children and a menorah to welcome Jewish friends and family or pick an area of your house for a blue and white theme.

Pick winter themed decorations if you want to be able to keep a festive look around your house after Christmas is over. Snowflakes, snowmen, and Snowbabies can work throughout the cold season. Put up winter scenes and use colours of white, silver, and blue. This can help keep everyone’s spirits up as you go through the long winter. Add images or figurines of sleds, sleighs, and skiing to complete your theme and remind everyone of the parts of the winter you all like the best.


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