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How to Use Decorative Ornaments Throughout the Year

August 03, 2018

Decorative Ornaments — Willow Tree

People tend to think of ornaments with regards to Christmas trees. In fact, our customers use our collectible ornaments in a wide range of different ways. Why keep an ornament you love tucked away in a box for most of the year when you could be enjoying it right now? There are many uses for ornaments. Find out ways you can put your favourite ornaments on display.

On the Road

Willow Tree ornaments are extremely popular. While they are perfect for a Christmas tree, that is only one way to enjoy them. Willow Tree offers a range of different styles of their figurative sculptures. The ornaments are smaller versions of some of their most popular figurines that come with an attached stretchy cord. This makes them easy to put up at locations of your choice. Because Willow Tree Ornaments deal with common sentiments like love, friendship, and hope, people like to keep them in sight.

The rear-view mirror is a very popular place to hang decorative ornaments. They can be a constant reminder of important moments in life or hopes for the future. These make them popular gifts so many people have the added reason to put them on display. The ornaments are a fond reminder of the gift-giver, as well as the emotion represented by the ornament.


Our workplaces can be stressful. Many of today’s modern office designs also leave us spending our days inside sterile workplaces. Having an inspirational ornament hanging from a shelf or from a computer monitor can help add a positive element to the day. Keeping the ornaments within sight can remind people what is important in life to keep them positive and motived through the day.

With many businesses now using compact workstation designs that allow little room for personal items, an ornament is a popular way to add a little personality to a small workspace. Upbeat themes like love and friendship are a good addition to the day as are favourite characters from movies. Even in a small work area, ornaments can add personality without taking up any of the limited desk space.    


Ornaments are often put on display like any other collectible. Because they hang up, they can be a particularly good choice for a collection if display space is limited. Depending on the spacing of the shelving, ornaments might even be displayed above a row of collectibles that sit on the shelves. To keep ornaments safely out of reach of children, they can be attached to higher shelves or hung from a hook on the wall.

To add some of the same atmosphere provided by Christmas trees, some people will place decorative ornaments on a branch or other structure to display the ornaments in a non-Christmas setting. This allows a number of ornaments to be displayed at once. This type of display can become a focal point or conversation piece within the room.

Drapery Pull

The ornaments and their strings aren’t designed to withstand the force of pulling a drapery cord. They can, however, fit perfectly if tied onto the end of the drapery pull cord. This adds more personality to the draperies while providing a convenient location to hang up favourite ornaments.


It may seem like a strange place but there is something to be said for starting the day with a bit of inspiration. Displayed next to the mirror, an ornament can be a reminder to reflect on what’s important before leaving to face the day. The small size of the ornament allows them to fit well even in tiny spaces.

Dorm Room

Leaving home to begin school can be an exciting and challenging time. No wonder people recognise by giving ornaments and other decorative figurines to the students about to begin university. They’re compact enough to easily fit into dorm rooms or university-sized apartments. The fact that they hang can make it less likely for them to suffer a clumsy roommate-related incident. They can be a great reminder to the student about your care and support. That can help to make the challenges of a new school and intense studies a bit easier to face.


The important thing is to not let the term “ornament” limit your creativity. Find ornaments that speak to you and then use your imagination to find the best locations to display each one. For gifts, there is no bad time to give them. Anyone lucky enough to receive one can begin using and enjoying the ornament right away. Not Christmas tree or holiday display required.