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Learn About the Next Generation of Collectors

August 06, 2018

Diney by Britto appeals to a wide range of collectors

We humans have always collected things. From the bones of animals to artworks painted on the sides of caves, mankind has searched for ways to add beauty and interest to their surroundings. Over the generations, collecting became more formalized as people began to focus more on specific interests. This led to people gathering one or two particular types of goods. Often, the type of collection was related to where the person lived and the local industries and artistry popular within their communities. As far-ranging travel became more popular, the wealthy were able to collect items from further afield. Gradually, the opportunities expanded for a larger portion of the population to develop collections of their own.

Today, international travel and the availability of items over the internet has made it easier than ever before for people to purchase a wider range of items that interest them. This had led to a whole new generation of collectors who reflect the new opportunities and variety of goods. Instead of simply collecting items that have been passed down through the generations, today’s collectors have many different strategies for gathering together things that they enjoy.

Types of Items

This could be one of the original ways to collect items. From thimbles to spoons, many everyday things were made into souvenirs that could be gathered and passed down through the generations. One advantage to gathering many of the same type of memorabilia is they can be easier to display. Beer steins can be put on shelves with evenly spaced shelves to make a unified collection. There are even specialised racks made to hold and display various types of collectibles. Common strategies for this type of collection is to add to the collection while travelling or on each special occasion. A new Christmas ornament could document key moments in life or places visited.

Subject Matter

For some people, subject matter is key. They may collect all things Disney or anything related to a particular movie. Football memorabilia could be what inspires or perhaps it is items that are related to Christmas. These types of collectors use their collections as a way to further celebrate things they love and incorporate them more closely into their everyday lives. Their chosen subject matter might be as specific as Snow White or as general as frogs or angels.


Some people prefer to focus on the artistic works created by particular artists and designers. For example, Britto Disney figurines are collected by fans of Britto as well as people who specialise in Disney memorabilia or specific Disney characters. Collectors who focus on specific designers may track down different forms of art created by their favourite designers. Their collections might include a range of items by that artist from wall hangings and figurines to functional items like mugs.


Many collectors are less concerned about the form or subject matter than they are how each piece or collectible art fits into their home or office. The colours or patterns used could be the driving factor behind the selection of each item. A home’s colour scheme can be highlighted or complemented by the choice of collectibles. Individual collectibles can be used to add to a home’s interior décor with an eye-catching splash of colour.


Another key factor in building a collection can be the style. Old English décor or Asian-inspired elements could become the basis of a collection. Perhaps this will coordinate with the home décor but it could simply be a stand-alone design element within a house or office with a completely different style of décor. This can be one way to celebrate particular types of décor without needed to dedicate the entire house to a single style.


One of the most common attributes of today’s collectors is a desire for variety. In the past, it was more typical to see collectors stick with one or two main types of items. Now more people seek out different types of collectibles. A grouping of figurines might be displayed next to magnets gathered while on holiday. Rather than sticking to collections on in a display case, a love of Disney might be honoured with pillows, towels, t-shirts, and jewellery, might be combined with a scattered assortment of figurines. Functional items like dishes might be combined with artwork hung on the walls. This strategy can provide more ways to enjoy collecting and get the most out of collected items throughout the day.