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Original Ways to Express Your Creativity

March 05, 2018

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Want to show your personal style but don’t know where to start? It can be harder than it seems as often we are restricted by what is acceptable at work as well as by our budgets. Here are ways to make your creativity shine.


You take it with you wherever you go. That makes your hair a great way to express your creativity. Often when people think creative hair, they imagine purple hair and mohawks. The truth is there are countless ways to make your hair creative, from subtle to dramatic. For men, exciting haircuts are an option but facial hair also provides many opportunities. You don’t have to have a huge beard to show your style. A sharp cut and shaping can make hair, beards, goatees or moustaches more interesting. For women, it is easier to enjoy a broader range of hairstyles. The colour, cut, and styling can all be creative. If you’d like some more variety, wigs and hairpieces can help keep things interesting. 


Nothing honours what you love better than collectibles. They make a clear statement and can liven up your workplace or home. There are even often smaller versions you can put up in your car. Collectible figurines are available for a huge range of interests. Show your love of Disney, movies, sport or history with beautifully crafted figurines that express your passions and eye for great artistry.


Your home or work cubicle can all reflect who you are. Display your artwork, the items you’ve collected on your travels, and memorabilia from your favourite areas of interest. Paint your walls or hang wallpaper to reflect your personal style. Life is just too short not to surround yourself with the things you love!


No detail is too small when showing off your creativity. Clever writing pens can add flair. Cute tape dispensers can make your desk more interesting. If you create your own art, in addition to hanging it on the wall, turn it into the items you’ll use every day. Make it your screensaver, have it made into a mousepad, or put your artistic touch on your smartphone case. Look around you and you’ll soon start seeing dozens of opportunities to be creative – even the littlest touches make a difference.


Clothing has always been a classic way to show personal style and creativity. Unfortunately, for many of us our jobs restrict our ability to deviate much from the standard outfit for your company or industry. If that’s the case, the best way to add a little stealth style is by wearing fun accessories. Your best bets are glasses, socks and ties, which come in all kinds of colours and patterns. For women, shoes and jewellery can be explored in high-end stores or street market stalls and can be found in a wonderful array of shapes, materials and tones – what better way to show off your love of design?

Keep Expanding

If you are creative, keep finding new ways to express this important part of your personality. Take classes to learn skills in different areas where you can put your creativity to work. Then you can fill your front garden with awesome topiaries, create mosaics for your patio, add a splash of colour in your kitchen and bring the room to life, or serve friends a meal on your handmade dishes.

Being creative isn’t just a personality trait, it’s a way of living. From stunning collections that you build up over years to the way you lay the table, bring your creativity to the fore in everything you do!


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