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Planning the Perfect University Dorm Décor

May 11, 2018

University Dorm Décor

Moving away from home for the first time is a huge step, as is setting up a first apartment or dorm room. Students heading off to school may be focused on anticipating their studies – or the student gatherings. Eventually, however, the reality of where and how to live will hit. Because university students spend so much time in their rooms studying or hanging out with other students, having a good environment is particularly important. While the choice of where to live may be determined by the location and availability of student housing, how to live within that space is a different story. Here are tips for making the most of university décor.


Find Some Style

Student housing tends to be generic, whether it’s bland dorm rooms or inexpensive apartments near campus. Most students end up settling for sticking up a few posters on the walls and filling the rest of the space with cheap build-it-yourself furniture or extra furniture from home.


To make the space special, pick a few personal items that will stand out. Aim for a mix of fun, practical and colourful. Rather than cheap posters, look for interesting artwork to hang on the walls, handwoven blankets, or even stick-on art that can easily be removed at the end of the school session. Collectible figurines can add personality to otherwise sterile desks to help inspire more creativity when working on school projects. Make sure there is a good workspace with effective lighting to get through long study sessions.


Something Old

Even furnished school housing will probably need some additional pieces of furniture. If cost isn’t a big factor, check out places that are off the beaten track. Hand crafted and imported items can add an exotic touch to otherwise boring rooms. Even a few small pieces like coffee tables or end tables can add considerable style to rooms otherwise filled with generic furniture.


If budget is important, search thrift stores and garage sales for bargains that can add personality. Even basic thrift store furniture is usually only a coat of paint away from being interesting. This type of furniture is inexpensive and a huge step above the typical milk crate-type plastic shelving.


Something New

Outfitting a new university student is a huge amount of work and expense. That can bring about the understandable tendency to spend money only on basics. However, before you close that wallet tight, remember how much impact a person’s setting has on them. Consider how much easier it is to spend the night home studying when the surroundings are inviting as well as functional. Don’t short change the importance of having a place that feels at home. This can be particularly important since so many new university students suffer from homesickness and difficulty adapting to their new surroundings and university school routines. So splurge on a couple of fun decorative pillows or a rug to add colour and style to the room while making it more comfortable!