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Roses are red, violets are blue, did you get dumped on a big occasion too?

March 15, 2019

Jimmy The Bull

Now that February is behind us and we’re firmly into March, memories of Valentine’s Day on the 14th of last month, are all but a distant one.

On a day that is meant to signify love, affection and all-things romantic with big bouquets of extortionately expensive red roses, while some people were flouting their relationship status on social media, others were left waiting by the letter box to see if any anonymous admirers would be sending them a secret Valentine.

What’s worse, some people got a little more than they bargained for on the big day. Rather than romantic meals, tokens of affection (clearly those people had been shopping at Gift Giving All Wrapped Up) and all things lovey-dovey, instead of spending Valentine’s together, they were served with their relationship-notice-period and got dumped on what’s supposed to be the most romantic day of the year!

So, we want to know, have you ever been dumped or ended a relationship right around the time of a big occasion? If you’re a member of the Heartbreak Hotel, fear not! You’re not alone…

After Rafael Mantesso’s wife left him on his 30th birthday, leaving him with nothing but an empty apartment featuring plain white walls and the family pet, a ginger-eared bull terrier named Jimmy Choo, he re-discovered his artistic flair and love for drawing.

Having seen Jimmy collapse in happy exhaustion next to one of the plain white walls after trotting and cavorting around the house, on a whim, Mantesso grabbed a marker and drew a new world around this man’s best friend, and so, Jimmy The Bull was born.

Having grown in popularity after attracting the world’s attention with many of Mantesso’s images shared by the world’s media, you can now bring a piece of Jimmy The Bull home with you, thanks to a new range of licensed giftware and home décor goods from Gift Giving All Wrapped Up.

For example, if you’re still waiting for your bouquet of red roses to arrive from Valentine’s Day, you need to check out this Red Roses mug. Featuring Mantesso’s signature style, using a 3D photographic image of Jimmy surrounded by 2D black and white hand-drawn illustrations to bring the piece to life, this adorable Mug & Coaster set sees Jimmy perched up on his hind legs holding a bouquet of fresh flowers in his mouth.

Perhaps instead of romantic gestures, you’re more of a passionate person with a penchant for public displays of affection? If that sounds like you, you need Lipstick Kisses in your life! Featuring Jimmy laid flat out as if after a steamy session, this exhausted little dog has clearly been planted with a big sloppy kiss on his nose, leaving behind a hot pink lipstick mark.

Then again, like Mantesso, perhaps being dumped on a big occasion actually turned out to be the best thing for you and opened up a whole new world of possibilities. If that’s you and you’re embracing the single life, you definitely need to get your paws on The Winner. This Mug & Coaster shows Jimmy celebrating winning at life; with his head and upper body in the frame, illustrative-drawn arms fist pumping the air certainly give this piece a victorious vibe.

In addition to the Mugs & Coasters, other items in our new Jimmy The Bull collection include stationery such as Note Pads and Pens, Desk Pads and Pencil Cases, as well as Wall Art and super-trendy over-sized Wall Clocks. So, whether at home or at work, you can take a little bit of this man’s best friend with you wherever you go.

Not only are the items a great piece for you to purchase, they also make the perfect gift too. So, if you’re celebrating a big occasion soon (and aren’t planning on dumping your significant other on the day), then make sure you check out the full Jimmy The Bull collection today.