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Show her how special she is this Mother’s Day with Willow Tree

March 05, 2018

Willow Tree Figurine For Always | Gift Giving All Wrapped Up

With less than a week to go until Mother’s Day here in the UK, we’re gearing up to letting all the special ladies in our lives know just how much they mean to us. 


While Mother’s Day is usually a day to shower our mums with lots of lovely gifts, we’re also big believers that other women who’ve helped to make us who we are today deserve a special shout out too. Whether that’s your grandmother, auntie, sister or just a very dear friend, why not use Mother’s Day as the perfect opportunity to give gorgeous gifts to everyone who’ve left their handprint on your heart?


New mums…

Still not found the perfect present for Mum? Take a look at Angel of Mine or how about Guardian? Both figurines perfectly capture the very essence of what is means to be a mother – the silent promise mums make to care for their child unconditionally, continually watching over their little ones while tirelessly protecting them from harm.


Both of these figurines feature a mother-like figure embracing a new-born baby. So, if you’re not specifically buying for your own mum and are instead looking for a gift to give to a new mother from a child, both Angel of Mine and Guardian are sure to help silently capture her emotions and become a much-treasured keepsake for many years to come.


From the little people…

Or how about Child of My Heart, For Always and Tenderness? These figurines perfectly capture a quiet moment in time which can be so rare when you have a young child. When toddlers, your little ones are developing into a small person with a defined personality separate to your own. Despite this, these stunning sculptures perfectly showcase a tender moment of togetherness between mother and child.


So, whether your choosing Child of My Heart, For Always or Tenderness as a throw-back gift to give to your own mother, reminiscent of time-gone-by, or whether you’re buying for a young child to give to their mum on this Mother’s Day, these figurines from Willow Tree are sure to show mum just how much she’s loved.


Growing girls…

There’s something very special about the bond between a mother and her daughter – no matter how much she grows up, she will always be mummy’s little girl.  Both Close to Me and Mother and Daughter perfectly capture this bond beautifully. Each figurine shows a mother-like-figure with an older girl sharing an embrace.  The simplicity of the designs silently yet ever so powerfully speak words of strength, solidarity and secureness in the love shared between a mother and her growing girl.


Both Close to Me and Mother and Daughter are beautiful gifts for older children, teens and women to gift to their mums and other inspirational women in their lives this Mother’s Day. Whether you’ve left home to go to university, have moved in with a partner or are living on the other side of the world, these figurines help you to show mum just how close you really are, even when physically you may be miles apart this Mother’s Day.


But what about the boys?

If you’re a young man looking for the perfect present for your mum this Mother’s Day, or perhaps you’re fully grown with a family of your own and what to help share those special memories of days-gone-by with the female figure in your life this Mother’s Day, look no further than the beautiful Mother and Son figurine.


This lovely piece from artist Susan Lordi captures the relationship between a mum and her growing son, just when he’s at the age of discovering who he is and asserting his independence, but still needing and wanting the hugs and kisses from his mother. And let’s be honest, we’re never too old for a cuddle!


Double trouble!

Was your mother blessed with more than one baby? Why not club together with your siblings and gift your mum with Quietly. Growing up in a bustling household with your brothers, sisters, cousins and friends, a home can be a hectic place for the female figures in our lives.


This stunning piece captures a quiet moment with a mother-like figure enjoying a moment of peace while gently embracing two small children. So, whether buying for your mum, a guardian or a friend who has helped to bring a moment of calm to your busy life while growing up, Quietly is sure to be the perfect piece for them this Mother’s Day.


A family affair…

Of course, families come in all different shapes and size and certainly not with a one-size-fits all approach. That’s the beautiful thing about families – they’re deeply personal and very unique to you.


So, whether you grew up just with your mum, both your parents, grandparents, guardians, carers or surrounded by your extended family, you can now create your own family portrait (complete with pets and all) with a range of beautiful figurines from Willow Tree.


Why not help to build your special lady’s collection of Willow Tree figurines this Mother’s Day, or treat her to her very first piece and help her to grow your family picture with these stunning sculptures over the years to come?


While we’ve given you lots of food for thought to help with gift-giving inspiration for Mother’s Day, don’t take too long browsing the pages of our website and deciding what to buy. With Mother’s Day on 11th March this month, time is running out to find the perfect present for the special ladies in your life this year. 


Don’t forget to place your order before 2pm on Thursday 8th March (which also happens to be International Women’s Day – what better way to sort your shopping ready for Mother’s Day?) for guaranteed delivery before 11th March.