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Step into spring with new items from Enchanting Disney

March 23, 2018

Enchanting Disney Collection — Buzz and Woody

Can you believe it? The clocks go forwards this weekend! So, while we may lose an hour’s sleep on Sunday 25th March, we’ve got a lot to gain as we’re springing into daylight saving time and that can only mean one thing… lighter nights and warmer weather! Hurrah!


The weather these past few months has been dreary across the UK, with snow storms and blizzards to boot. Like many, we’ve been longing for spring to finally arrive and have started to make plans for the summer. Well, you have to at least daydream to while away the hours of these long dark winter days…


So, whatever your plans are for the spring season, whether it’s saving for a summer holiday or enjoying picnics in the park with your little ones, do we have some gorgeous gift inspiration exclusively from Enchanted Disney to help make your summer-loving dreams come true!


Planning a trip of a lifetime this year or just saving for (dare we say it…) a rainy summer’s day? Well now you can take home scenes from some of Pixar Animation Studio’s best-loved feature-length films while quoting some of the movies’ most famous catch-phrases, with new collectable money boxes.


Capturing the fun and frivolity of the studio’s Toy Story franchise, the Reach for the Sky! money bank is sure to help you reach your savings goals in no time.  Made from a ceramic material, the money bank features Woody – the hero of the film series - standing in his customary cowboy costume.


With his brown boots, yellow checked shirt, cow-print waist coat and red neckerchief, Woody is standing with one hand on his Stetson, tipping his hat and smiling broadly, as if encouraging you to safely deposit your pennies into the bank.


Shaped in the outline of the cowboy with a flat-bottom based for ease of standing, the reverse of the Reach for the Sky! money box features a typical animation-style Wild West print, covered with cacti, cowboy boots, Stetsons and neckerchiefs in vibrant shades of greens, reds, browns and blues.


But what would the hero of any good film be without his sidekick in tow? The To Infinity money bank features Buzz Lightyear, the intergalactic space ranger, in his astronaut outfit. Like Reach for the Sky!, the money bank is made from a ceramic material and is shaped in the silhouette of the character. The reverse of To Infinity features a space ranger-themed graphic design, featuring the little green aliens from the movie, Buzz’s box packaging and ‘space ranger’ emblem in the character’s colours of white, purple and green.  The To Infinity money bank is sure to offer you a savings experience that is simply out of this world!


Finally, following on from the box office hit that was Cars 3 last summer, put pedal to the metal and take home I Am Speed. Capturing the characteristics of Lightening McQueen, a bright red racing car with yellow bodywork and stickers for lights, the shape of the ceramic design follows the ebbs and flows of a sleek speed machine.  The reverse of I Am Speed is covered with brightly coloured stickers, reminiscent of places you might visit as you journey along Route 66. With this money bank, you can hit your savings target in lightning speed.


Reach for the Sky!, To Infinity  standing 13cm tall and I Am Speed stands at 10.0cm tall and are only £19.95 – definitely not breaking the bank when you’re working hard to save for the summer!  Just remember, these items are not intended for children or to be used as a toy. Rather, they’ve been designed to appeal to the more mature movie mogul and film memorabilia collector, so best to keep them away from your little ones!


That said, do we have a spring-time treat for your kids to enjoy now and long into the summer too. Check out these adorable, brand-new, organic dinner bamboo sets. They’re sure to make mealtime more fun, especially while dining alfresco with a picnic the park, BBQs in the back garden or tea-time treats at the beach…


The Snow White Organic Bamboo Dinner Set is a naturally eco-friendly set which includes: a plate measuring 23.0cm, a bowl measuring 14.0cm, a cup measuring 10.0cm, and cutlery comprising of a spoon and fork made from organic bamboo.


Items in the Snow White Organic Bamboo Dinner Set are trimmed with a pretty blue and cream apple-print pattern and depict an image of Snow White wearing her dress featuring a yellow skirt with blue puff-ball sleeves and a white colour. Her raven locks are pulled away from her face and secured with a crimson-red blow. In the centre of the plate, the Disney Princess can be seen leaning over Dopey – the silliest of all the Seven Dwarfs – to gently place her hand on his head.  Featuring Snow White in other poses across the rest of the collection, the plate, bowl and cup also include inspirational quotes for little girls, written in a beautiful white font, reading ‘Always Be You’.


To complement the Snow White Organic Bamboo Dinner Set, you can also buy the coordinating Snack Box with Cutlery Set for just £18.00 each.


Like the Snow White Organic Bamboo Dinner Set, the Cinderella Organic Bamboo Dinner Set includes the plate, bowl, cup and cutlery.  Trimmed with a pastel blue shade and a spattering of stars on the outer edges, the plate sees Cinderella in her blue ball gown, being transformed from her maid outfit into a beautiful princess by her Fairy Godmother.  One side of the cup depicts the scene from the film where the clock strikes midnight and Cinderella flees from the palace, leaving her glass slipper behind.  Again, carrying inspirational quotes across the range, the phrase ‘Dreams Come True’ and ‘Today is my Day’ also feature on the bowl and cup respectively.


Like Snow White, you can also buy the coordinating Cinderella Snack Box too to complete the set!


Last up into the new collection of dinner sets is the Rapunzel Organic Bamboo Dinner Set. Taken from the hit film, Tangled, the Rapunzel Organic Bamboo Dinner Set also features a plate, bowl, cup and cutlery.  Trimmed with a light pink border accented by dark pink bows, the plate features Rapunzel with her long flowing golden hair standing in front of the high-up tower, that was once her home after being stolen by the evil Mother Gothel as a baby.


The cup also features an image of Rapunzel starting up at the floating lanterns that appear on her birthday each year, as a reminder to the King, Queen and all of the kingdom about the lost princess. Like the Snow White Organic Bamboo Dinner Set and Cinderella Organic Bamboo Dinner Set, the Rapunzel Organic Bamboo Dinner Set carries an inspirational quote reading ‘Live Your Dreams’, harking back to the plot of the 2011 film whereby Rapunzel dreams of leaving the tower and seeing the floating lights for the first time on her 18th birthday.


You can also buy the coordinating Rapunzel Organic Bamboo Snack Box with Cutlery Set. So whether you want the full set featuring one princess for your little one’s dining experience this springtime or you want to mix and match between Cinderella and Snow White, the sets are so versatile they work perfectly well in a number of different combinations!


Each dinner set is presented in brown cardboard packaging which is 100% biodegradable.  The contents inside are dishwasher safe yet not recommended for use in microwaves.  The new bamboo dinner sets can be bought online for £22.00 each, whereas the snack boxes are available for just £18.00.


So, there you have it, whatever your plans are for the warmer weather as the clocks go forwards this weekend, whether you’re saving for a holiday in the sun or planning a staycation and are looking forward to trips to the beach and picnics in the park, step into spring with our brand-new items from Enchanted Disney.