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The Most Popular Disney Princess Moments

August 03, 2018

Princess Moments — Disney Traditions

There are so many things we love about Disney films, there is no way we could pick a favourite. In fact, it seems like each time we watch a film again, we notice something new we’d missed before. Still, there are certain scenes in Disney films that always have a special place in our hearts. Of those, many involve the Disney princesses we’ve grown to adore.

It is important to realise that each princess and her story is unique. Disney have done a wonderful job bringing their stories to life so that there is something that we can all relate to and enjoy. That’s one reason why so many of our popular figurines, as with those of Disney Traditions, capture these special moments. They portray what the princesses experienced on their paths to love and a happily-ever-after life. Here are our favourite Disney princess scenes.

Beauty and the Beast

There are so many lovely scenes in this movie and we all are captivated by Belle and her strong will. Of course, the truly iconic moment we particularly love is the ballroom scene. Seeing Belle and the Beast swirl around the dance floor and begin to realise their attraction for each other is nothing short of magical. Who hasn’t imagined themselves in the arms of someone they love, smoothly moving around the dance floor to captivating music? It is such a romantic scene. It is also a scene that gives hope to anyone seeking to find the right person with whom we could have that same sort of connection.

Princess and the Frog

Tiana is no pampered princess, living the life of luxury in a castle. She works hard to make her way in the word and create the future she has imagined. Although her life ends up taking some unexpected turns, she remains true to herself. Favourite scenes for her are when she pursues her dream. We can all feel her passion for cooking as she uses her creativity to create fabulous food she plans to cook in her own restaurant one day. This movie has special appeal thanks to its tribute to traditional New Orleans music, cultures, and cuisines.


Merida has plenty of energy and spunk. That’s one of the reasons we like watching her on film so much. Seeing her run through the forest she loves is inspiring. She shows that she can stand on her own when it comes to archery and other skills. We cheer Merida on during her adventures and admire her strength and determination.

Snow White

We adore seeing the Prince and Snow White together. The moments we love the most, however, are Snow White with her new friends, the seven dwarfs. The dwarfs’ quirky personalities, amazing teamwork, and humour are brilliantly paired with the kindness of Snow White. There scenes together have forever entered our minds as an example of how we can tackle and overcome hard work. All we may need is the right attitude and friends and co-workers to share the load.


Perhaps no Disney princess scene is more iconic than Cinderella and her prince at the ball. Swirling together on the dance floor, romance blooms, and we are all caught up in the magic of their developing love affair. There have been countless versions of the Cinderella story. Her struggles and eventual happy ending have been told any number of ways. However, there are a number of reasons why the Disney version of this same scene is so exceptional. The characters are rich but there are also the magical friends of Cinderella and the beautiful animation that bring this dance to a different level than other versions of the story.

Sleeping Beauty

The story of Sleeping Beauty reaches its most thrilling moment when Prince Phillip kisses Aurora. The kiss from her true love breaks the curse and awakens her from her slumber. Metaphorically speaking, many of us can relate to the feeling that our lives are on hold or are lacking that special spark. We can feel that finding that right person can magically awaken us and add a whole new dimension to our lives. Having that special connection can give our lives new depth and meaning.

The Little Mermaid

Disney’s ability to tell stories and create amazing soundtracks really shines in this version of the Little Mermaid. Ariel and her friends show us the magic of their undersea world during their dance to the song Under the Sea. We can almost feel ourselves able to smoothly slide through the water like Ariel. The comradery she clearly shares with her friends positively glows and makes this an enchanting, heart-warming scene.