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Tips for Decorating Between the Festive Seasons

March 29, 2018

Tips for Decorating Between the Festive Seasons

We love seasonal decorations. Being able to update a house for Christmas or other special events can add fun and delight to our daily lives. During the year there are a range of excuses to decorate from Halloween through Easter. The problem is what to do after Easter is over. Suddenly we can face many long months with nothing special going on. Spring and summer are fun in of themselves, but it is often nice to be able to make our home décor more interesting. Here are tips for making the most of the seasons, even if there isn’t a particular seasonal event to celebrate.



Looking for a time and reason to decorate, why not target birthdays? The upcoming birthdays of each family member can be a great excuse to swap out your home’s seasonal décor. Highlight the favourite colour of each child, hang up their best artwork from over the years, or find decorations that play tribute to their hobbies or best subjects in school. If you want to keep the birthday decorations simple, you can pick a few key items to represent members of the family. For example, each member of the family can have their own personality matched to a fun selection from The World of Miss Mindy Presents Disney. A colourful version of Tinker Bell or Mickey can make every family member smile, whether it’s their birthday or not.


Royal Treatment

If celebrations of your family’s birthdays aren’t enough, the royal family can provide reasons to decorate. Their birthdays, coronation dates, and even historic milestones can be a wonderful excuse to let your patriotism shine throughout your home. Anything from a life sized cardboard standee of the royal family to the colours of the flag can make an otherwise ordinary month special – and this summer’s royal wedding is sure to give us plenty of excuse to celebrate!



If your time away on holidays is limited (and whose isn’t?), bring tropical locations home with you. A luau theme can help keep you warm during the gloomy days of winter. Get out the leis, palm trees, and tikis to add fun to your home – then use it as an excuse to host a themed party. For the following month, pick another fun location. You could be surrounded by Paris one month and then be in beachy Australia the next. This could even be a great way for kids to learn more about different parts of the world and various cultures.


Mini Celebrations

The calendar is filled with all kinds of tiny occasions to celebrate like chocolate chip cookie day. You can pick a few special days to celebrate and come up with interesting ways to decorate. This can be a great project to do with kids and you can all have fun making and hanging decorations together. The beginning and end of the school year are another reason to decorate. You can even make your own calendar to count down the days until the next school term begins (that’s as long as no-one minds being reminded of such a consequential date). Even your favourite sports teams can warrant a décor update to get everyone in the spirit as you cheer them on.


From Disney to royal weddings to the summer holidays, there are always plenty of reasons to celebrate, so why not do just that together with all the family?