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Tips for Inspiring Your Favourite University Students

September 24, 2018

Tinker Bell Butterfly Icon by Disney BRITTO

The beginning of any year of university is filled with promise and excitement. If you have a special student in your life, you’ve probably seen the hard work that has gone into reaching university and the continuing hard work and studying required to be successful there. The relentless schedules university students face can make even the most energetic student weary after a few weeks. Keeping a positive outlook is so important to excelling in school so it is no surprise that parents, grandparents, and other friends and relatives look for ways to cheer up the students in their lives. 


Bits of Décor

They might seem all grown up now that they’re away at school, but university students haven’t changed that much from their childhood. One way you can help them connect to their past is to send them fun reminders of their past. Because they want to pretend they’re all grown up now, they might not be comfortable with anything that looks too child-like. One option is to give them fun accessories or collectibles that honour their childhood favourites but with a more sophisticated, modern twist. For example, Disney by Britto figurines can be a creative way for a student to be inspired by the magic of Tinkerbell or Winnie the Pooh without bringing stuffed animals from home.


Throw pillows are another fun gift to liven up a boring room in student housing. They can be tossed on the couch or bed to add a punch of colour and style. They can be functional, as well, providing extra support for long nights spent studying or working on the computer. 


Food & Drink Made Easier

Access to beverages and snacks can make any study session go better and last longer. Fighting off hunger pains doesn’t seem like it should be that hard but the time it takes to hike to the dining hall or traipse across campus for take-away can really add up. If their housing allows it, a few accessories can make life easier. A bar-sized refrigerator, coffee maker, tea kettle, and hot plate can enable students to quickly fortify themselves without taking a bit break from their studies.


If their housing doesn’t allow appliances, you can simplify their take-away efforts. A few gift cards for their local coffee shops or restaurants can help students who are short of cash. Even better is a care package sent to them filled with homemade baked treats or packages of the snacks they love.


Student Gear

Backpacks and computer bags are a key to any university student’s life. Hopefully they had those before they left for school. That doesn’t mean they have all the mobile accessories they might need or want. Insulated travel mugs in fun designs can help them keep caffeine on hand wherever they go.


If they need to travel to spend a day at university, an insulated lunch bag can allow them save money by bringing food from home while the insulation can help them avoid food poisoning.


Buy the Unknown

Let’s be honest, beyond a few exciting takes on their childhoods, it can be difficult to know what types of décor and treats university students might like. That doesn’t mean you can’t give great gifts. Rather than simply providing cash, you can show you’ve given it thought by buying gift cards where students like to shop. Large retailers, either online or brick and mortar, can enable students to shop for a range of items. The problem can be gift cards there can be a little lacking in creativity. They might also not provide the more cutting-edge styles university students want. Another option is to give the gift of credit at online companies that specialise in featuring the work of artists in a range of styles. There people can order the art in a range of formats, perfect for university students. They can pick out the art or quotes they like best and have them printed on laptop stickers, t-shirts, mugs, or pillows. Whatever format works best for them to express their personal sense of style.


Phone Home

Depending on where their university is relative to where you live, keeping in touch might be a problem. If you’re social media and smartphone savvy, perhaps texting and messaging are the way to go. If a phone conversation is better, make sure they have plenty of phone minutes to keep in touch. Buy gift cards for their cell phone plan or help by taking over payments of their monthly phone plan.


Remember, although what you get them is important, sometimes the best gift is simply the reminder that you’re thinking about them. Having a package arrive at their door will brighten the day and help to keep them happy and motivated.