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Top Tips for Caring for Figurines

June 14, 2018

Caring for your figurines

Collectible figurines can bring much joy, not just to you but to many generations to come. While many people keep figurines in their original boxes to protect them, most of us prefer to have them out on display where we can enjoy them on a daily basis. Here are tips for how to keep your heirlooms looking great and free from damage.



Display cases can be the easiest way to protect your collectibles. Display cases come in a broad range of sizes and styles so they can work for many different sizes of figurines and types of décor. While people often think of large, bulky display cases, there are smaller cases that can hold a single figurine or a few items while keeping them protected from dust and grime. Glass or plexiglass-enclosed cases can be mounted on a wall or placed on top of a shelf or table.



If your figurines are out in the open, their location is particularly important. You want your treasures to be safely located out of the reach of pets and children to prevent them from being damaged. You also want to make sure your figurines are in clear view so that you can enjoy them. Arranging them at eye-height can keep them high enough to be safe from wee hands while having them at the perfect viewing angle. Put your favourite pieces where you are most likely to see them, like above your fireplace, in your dining room, or positioned on or beside your desk.


Within your home, consider figurine placement relative to windows, doors and air vents. These areas of your home are more likely to have more dust and debris blowing in from outside or circulating from around the rest of the house. This can lead to more deposits of dust on your figurines.


Figurines that are located in the kitchen are more likely to pick up grease from cooking. In addition, the higher humidity in kitchens and bathrooms can make it easier for dust to stick to surfaces and make it harder to clean off. Placing figurines where there is a shelf above to protect them from falling dust can help keep them cleaner.



Regular dusting is crucial to avoiding its accumulation, which can dull colour, obscure detail and, ultimately, spoil an otherwise fantastic display. A lightweight duster is your best bet for gently removing dust without scratching surfaces and will help eliminate it from corners or crevasses.



Refer to any care instructions that may have come with your figurine. In general, you want to avoid using harsh cleansers that could damage the paint or finish on your figurines. Be aware that some brands of sprays that are commonly sold to use when dusting furniture contain oils or other chemicals that could accumulate on the surface of your figurine, sometimes causing damage. If dusting isn’t adequate to clean the surface, usually the best option is to use a damp, soft cloth to wipe the figurine clean. If necessary (and if the care instructions on your figurines permit), soapy water can be used to more thoroughly clean the figurine.


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