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Trick or treat! Halloween collectables your customers are sure to be spookily spell-bound by

September 26, 2019

Miss Mindy Presents Disney, Jack and Sally

Trick or treat! The haunting season is upon us and we have some frightfully good figurines and collectables that are sure to send shivers down your spine this Halloween!

With a wide range of Disney figurines across collections including Disney Traditions By Jim Shore, The World of Miss Mindy Presents Disney, Grand Jester Studios and Disney Showcase, there’s something for everyone, when it comes to decorating your home for Halloween.

With family-friendly depictions of some of Disney’s best-loved characters, like Mickey Mouse, and Eeyore, to spookily spectacular figurines of Disney Villains such as Maleficent and the Evil Queen, to frightfully fun pieces taken from Tim Burton’s cinematic classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas, showcasing Jack Skellington, Sally and of course Zero the dog too, there really is something for everyone to enjoy in our Halloween collection.

Add the worst of Disney Villains to your Halloween collection, hear Scar’s evil calculating laugh in Preening Predator, which shows Scar singing his hateful plan to kill Mufasa while his wicked hyena henchmen watch, Scar wins the award of most hauntingly spiteful Disney villains in our opinion. Another despicable Disney Villain is Ursula, who is captured perfectly in Miss Mindy’s Ursula figurine, portraying her manipulative and scheming nature through her expression and stance, making her the perfect addition your Halloween display this year. This figurine is totally unique, inspired by a vintage take on Disney characters, with a modern whimsical twist.

In addition to Disney figurines, we’ve something for the grown-ups this haunting season. Our Lolita Sugar skull glass is sure to help welcome a spirit or two (get it?), making Halloween parties go off with a bang, enjoy a chilling Halloween cocktail in this spectacular skull glass, why not add dry ice to make your drink extra eerie?

And speaking of celebrations, this spooky season we’re also celebrating the launch of our brand new Fuggler collection; full of funny ugly monsters that will quite literally steal your heart.

Each with a distinctive look and personality, there is a weird little Fuggler out there for everyone, just waiting to be found! But watch out, because once you find your Fuggler, you are stuck with it for life, adopting mischief and havoc into your world when you take part in the Fuggler adoption process. These creepy little wierdo’s are perfect for Halloween with their ghoulish eyes and quirky, toothy smiles or maybe that’s just a grimace? Who knows!  

There’s more than 50 unique Fuggler characters available to adopt, rare characters can also be discovered by checking for glow-in-the dark teeth and eyes and the gold BUTT-on hole. Fall in love with your very own Fuggler this Autumn, or why not gift one to someone who you don’t like? Just kidding, we all love those little freaks!

If you’re a Harry Potter fan we have the perfect Halloween must haves just for you! Now you can create your very own Wizarding World with light up replica buildings taken straight from the films so you can construct a wonderous world of magic at home. Our favourite piece, of course, is the enchanting Hogwarts great hall and tower, an iconic building- said to be based on the magnificent Edinburgh Castle!

There’s a replica of all your buildings in this new magical collection, including Hagrid’s Hut- a cosy little building full of character, which pairs perfectly with the adorable figurine of Hagrid and Buckbeak surrounded by pumpkins (ideal for Halloween displays). ‘A Proud Hippogriff, indeed,’ beautifully shows the special relationship Hagrid holds with the mythical creatures of the Wizarding World. His unique connection with the beasts of the forbidden forest is portrayed throughout the films, a defining part of his character, sometimes Hagrid appears to have more relationships with these creatures than with other Wizards. This piece shows his personality perfectly.    

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