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Tricks for Displaying Collectibles

February 18, 2018

Willow Tree Two Together figurine | Gift Giving All Wrapped Up

Whether you have a few figurines to display or a lifetime’s collection of valuables, it can be challenging to find the best way to store and enjoy your most treasured belongings. Even if you bought them as an investment or they are family heirlooms, you probably want to be able to view them on a daily basis. Rather than being tucked away, your collectibles should add interest to your home and richness to your life. Here are tips for making the most of your collection.


Less Is More

One of the biggest mistakes people make when displaying collectibles is to try to fit too many into a small area. Rather than stuffing your collections onto a single shelf or into one cabinet, make more room for them so they can be properly appreciated. Too many items in a tiny space can look cluttered. It is better to expand to a second shelf or display cabinet in order to do your collectibles justice. If you don’t have adequate room in a single location, consider expanding your collection into other rooms of your home or office. That way each portion of your collection can receive the attention it deserves.


Engaging Groupings

Most of us collectors have a number of collectible figurines, not just one. This creates the issue of how to display them together. The important thing is to arrange them in a logical way. Random placement of a number of items tends to look messy. It is better to organise your collectables in a simple and structured way. This strategy becomes even more important once you have more than a handful of pieces to display.


Think in terms of interesting groupings. A semi-circle of related figurines can make an attractive arrangement, for example. You will want to think about creating focal points so you can have one figurine with others gathered around, or two figurines facing each other surrounded by others. One simple trick is to consider the types of arrangements you would make when gathering people for a group picture. Shorter people in the front, taller in the back with everyone facing the camera often makes for an attractive presentation: the same types of groupings work for figurines, too.


Don’t Hold the Line

You may have seen displays that consist of row after row of pieces inside a deep cabinet or on a table top. This might work for model cars or military vehicles but most types of collections look cluttered that way and individual pieces become lost in the pack. Ideally, you’ll have display cabinets that are proportional to the types of items you collect. You want to be able to put collectibles out in a single line or at least no more than two rows thick so that you don’t have anything out of view or overwhelmed by the sheer volume of pieces.  


The Right Cabinets

Wherever you put your collectibles on display, that shelf or cabinet will act as a frame. You don’t want collections on a cluttered shelf or in a cabinet that will prove distracting. If you are displaying more than a few items, usually the best approach is to purchase a cabinet specifically to display your collection.


Cabinets should be shallow enough that you can fill the display in a single or double row without a lot of wasted space in the back. The shelves should be spaced so that you have adequate height for the figurines to fit in but with some extra room at the top to allow visibility and avoid the cabinet looking too crowded. Shelves at or above eye-level require less space between the top of your figurines than the lower shelves. Having a glass front to your cabinet is also an excellent option since it will help reduce dust, while helping to protect your collection from any mishaps.