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Ways to Cheer Friends and Family In Need

December 08, 2017

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It seems that all of us know a person in need of help these days. Helping out with ageing relatives, a sick child, personal illness, or just the challenges of juggling a busy family can lead many people to feel stressed. That leaves us trying to figure out ways we can be of assistance, beyond keeping them in our thoughts and prayers. Here are practical ways you can cheer up friends, neighbours or family.


  1. Provide Inspiration

People going through difficult times can feel overwhelmed. Even if surrounded by family and friends, this can lead to them feeling alone. One of the most caring things you can do is to remind them that they have your support. Thoughtful notes, calls, texts and other reminders that you’re thinking of them will mean a lot. An ongoing reminder can keep their spirits up, even on difficult days. Willow Tree offers a lovely range of figurines, perfect for providing moral support. Angels of healing, support, and comfort can remind them that they are surrounded by those who care and who are looking out for them. These lovely designs are sure to touch their hearts, and what better way to offer support to someone who needs it?


  1. Reduce Their To-Do List

For busy people, often the most minor things can be of the greatest benefit. Volunteer to run errands for them or shop for groceries. Offer to do laundry or pick up dry cleaning. Raking up leaves or de-icing windscreens can be a huge help. Put up seasonal decorations for them or bring meals to simplify their to-do lists. If you live in a different city, you can have groceries or prepared food delivered. You could even hire a service to help with landscaping and snow removal.


  1. Keep Watch

Parents with young children or adults looking after elderly parents can lack for free time. Volunteer to babysit to allow them time to run errands or enjoy a much-needed bit of leisure. Even spending time with them while they’re busy with their children or parents can provide some variety to their lives. Taking their children on an outing can be fun for the children as well as the parents. Offering to drop kids off at school or pick them up once in a while can also be a tremendous help.


  1. Get Away

For anyone with limited mobility, the greatest gift could be taking them on an outing, even if it is only around the block. If they have trouble leaving the house, visiting their home could be a fun diversion for them. For friends and relatives who live far away, a video call is the perfect way to keep in touch and talk to them face to face – you can always ask a friendly neighbour to help download an app and set up the call if that proves a little complicated. 


  1. Reach Out

People who are busy with family and other obligations may lose track of friends. It can be easy to mistake their lack of follow-up with disinterest. Rather than letting them drift away, do your best to keep in touch. Quick text messages, a postcard from your holiday, and telephone call can make all the difference. Remembering birthdays is great but they’ll also appreciate a surprise card to let them know your latest news.


Random small gifts can add cheer to anybody’s day – and what a lovely way to show you care.


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