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Wedding Gifts that Are Beyond the Ordinary

August 03, 2018

Wedding Gifts — Art Hearts

Summer is a peak time for weddings and perhaps you’ve already purchased items of the bride and groom’s registry. That doesn’t mean you need to stop there. We want to help the new couple have the gifts they want to set up their household or add the useful items like dishes and glassware they’ll be using for years. At the same time, as much as the couple will appreciate what you purchase, they are unlikely in the future to see the set of dishes you bought and think of you.

To help commemorate their wedding and the beginning of their official life together, perhaps you would like to do more. Why not give them a special something that will help to remind them how much you care? This doesn’t even need to be a present you provide to them before the wedding. It can be a special thought that they can enjoy before or after their big day. Your best wishes for their life together will continue long after the wedding is over. Anytime is a good time to remind them that your hopes and thoughts are with them. Now the challenge is to come up with something that truly captures your feelings. Here a gift ideas for things they will treasure.

Statuesque Reminders

The happy couple will have their pictures from their wedding, their memories of the event, and their rings to remind them each day of their marriage. Why not provide them with other reminders of the love they share?

Collectible figurines are a great way to honour their love and marriage. These can remind them of your support on a daily basis as well as being great heirlooms. For couples setting up their first households, figurines can provide the artistic focal points of interest in a room. A gift of a figurine stands on its own or it can be the start of a collection they can build upon throughout their lives together. In the future, they can tell their children and grandchildren the story behind the figurine and of your thoughtfulness. Figurines come in a broad range of styles and colours so there is something for each couple’s tastes.

Picture This

The couple will have pictures from their wedding but you can help keep those images front and centre. A gorgeous frame can provide the perfect place for one of their favourite pictures. A sterling silver frame would not only make their picture stand out, it can become a family treasure to pass on to the generations to come.

An electronic frame can be ideal for displaying an assortment of pictures from the wedding or their lives together. The rotating series of images can tell the story of their wedding or relationship so they don’t have to pick just one image to display. Formal images of the two of them, pictures of the extended family, and casual pictures of them enjoying life can all greet visitors and lighten up the couple’s days.

Wood Would

What else makes a house or an apartment a home? The furniture. So many homes now only contain inexpensive furniture. In past generations, people had wooden furniture that had been handcrafted with lovely detailing and styling. Beautiful woodgrain and solid construction can make a dining room table a centrepiece for the whole house. This is the sort of table that invites family and friends to sit down and create amazing memories.

Historic homes often have built-in shelving and cabinets. Giving solid pieces of wooden furniture can provide the same sorts of warm touches while being functional and practical. Well-built furniture can become the focal point of a room. These have the advantage of being portable so the couple can take the furniture with them if they eventually move up to a larger home. A quality-built piece can be passed on to future generations. Bookcases and cabinets can help the couple store all the items they received as wedding gifts plus any collectibles and other mementos they have accumulated over the years.

Other key pieces of furniture can include vanities, desks, and dressers. These provide important functionality and are probably necessary even for smaller homes. Couches and upholstered chairs usually have to be replaced periodically whereas solid wood furniture can be used for generations. As long as the original wood construction is good, the furniture can be painted or refinished to meet changing needs and fashions over the years without losing its appeal or functionality.

Soft Touch

They might not have the durability of collectibles but there is also something to be said for home accessories as gifts. New homes are particularly likely to feel cold or generic. Adding different textures can transform a new living space into one that has a homey feel. Pillows that say “love” or have other romantic themes can be practical while they liven up a couch or bed. Hearts, wedding rings, and other imagery can provide a reminder of their wedding day. Great gifts include throw pillows, rugs, and towels. You can even have them customised with their names or initials for an added touch.

Money for a Change

For many families and communities there is a tradition of giving money to new couples. Even if you didn’t experience this growing up, it could be time to start a new tradition within your family and friends. It won’t leave the couple with tangible reminder of your generosity but it could enable them to make important changes in their lives. It can help them afford a mortgage, pay off wedding costs, or put away money for their future together. There are decorative envelopes to put a cash or cheque inside. You could also combine a gift of money with a collectible like a figurine so that the couple has a gift that will help now and also something that continue to be enjoyed throughout the years.

Etched in History

The date of their wedding will remain important to them forever. You can honour that day by having the date and their names engraved. There are many options. You could purchase a silver frame and have engraving included along the edge. A silver serving dish or punch bowl can be custom engraved so that they have an item to use whenever they entertain.

Go Green

If you are thinking about something they can enjoy that should last through the years, a tree could be the perfect gift. Newer homes typically lack landscaping and mature trees are rare in housing developments under construction. Older homes may have older trees but many times by the time an older house has a new life with a young couple, trees have died or have developed health issues and need to be replaced.

Working with the couple to add trees and other landscaping will give them a present that they might not be able to purchase for themselves for many years. Those years are could allow a tree to grow and begin to mature. The sooner they have the tree, the sooner they will be able to enjoy summers under its shade. In the future, a mature tree could be a place for their children to play, to hang Christmas lights, or provide welcome shade to their home.

Take It Outside

For a newly married couple, the exterior of their home might be high on their list of desires but outside their reach. Even a small yard can be livened up with a better exterior. For a small starter home, being able to move gathering outside can provide an important increase in the home’s usable space.

You can give the couple a gift of outdoor features. Adding a patio can provide them with countless hours of entertainment. Paving stones can be arranged to provide a both colour and style along with a space for outdoor dining. A portable firepit could allow their outdoor space to be usable, even in cooler weather. Portable outdoor space heaters are another gift idea. Being able to use the patio throughout the year is important to make the most of the home.

Another common problem with starter homes is poor curb appeal. The gift of a tree or shrubberies can make a difference but, for many homes, the entrance into the home simply isn’t very inviting. Adding a walkway can make all the difference. If they already have a walkway, it might still lack appeal. Adding decorate stone edging or plants along the entrance can turn an ordinary building into an inviting home they’ll be proud to live in.