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Welcome home!

April 09, 2019

Jimmy the Bull

Stylish yet sentimental house-warming gifts


Hurrah! Did you know that spring officially started in the UK on Wednesday 20th March? As the daffodils start to push up through the ground from their dark sleepy beds, they signify a fresh start, a new beginning and exciting times ahead.


It’s at this time of year many people have a good old spring clean. Out with the old, in with the new, as the dark days of winter are behind us for another year. Whether that’s pulling out the kitchen cupboard, de-cluttering the wardrobe, sprucing up the home with some new decorative pieces, or perhaps even buying a new home, they’re all synonymous with spring and the start of something new.


So, if you know someone who has just moved home or has had a bit of an overhaul in their current abode and are looking for the perfect house-warming gift, then look no further, as we have perfect presents from world-renowned artists that the lucky recipient will just want to display proudly in their new place!



A wise person once told us that when moving home, the kettle, cups and tea bags should be the last thing that’s packed, and the first thing that comes out of storage once the move is complete. We couldn’t agree more! After all, all that lugging of boxes in and out of removal vans is thirsty work!


So, in honour of this sound piece of advice, why not help your loved one to celebrate their new home and the start of an exciting chapter in their life story by raising a glass (well almost…) to the future with some stylish mugs?


We’re loving our brand new Jimmy the Bull collection. Featuring everyone’s favourite ginger-eared bull terrier, our range of mugs feature Jimmy in a variety of poses set against a plain white backdrop, with artist Rafael Mantesso’s signature, simplistic yet stylish cartoon-animated style bringing the world around Jimmy to life.


We particularly love Posing for a ‘cheeky’ little house warming gift. Complete with a coordinating coaster, this piece sees Jimmy outstretched on his front paws as if making himself at home, while Mantesso has completed the image by drawing the derrière and legs of lovely lady into the scene. Oh la la!


Wall Art:

We’ve all been there. You move into your new home and while it’s a hugely exciting time, it just doesn’t feel like home. Or you give your walls a lick of paint to freshen them up for spring, but they’re lacking a little personality. Well, help your loved one to stamp their style on their place with some stunning wall art.


As well as mugs, our Jimmy the Bull collection has some stylish-yet-quirky wall art pieces for you to choose from. That’s How He Rolls is sure to brighten up any wall while raising a smile too, featuring Jimmy posing, wind in his hair (or should that be ears?) as if riding a bike drawn using black marker ink in Mantesso’s iconic style.


However, if kitch and a little bit quirky isn’t the vibe you want to go for with your housewarming gift, then check out these lovely pieces from artist Sharon Nowlan. Using nature as inspiration for immortalising precious moments in life, Sharon uses pebbles, sea glass and driftwood in her creations, turning them into framed scenes in a simple, yet beautiful style, that say a lot with as little as possible. Her art speaks to the heart and is open to interpretation by each person admiring her work, making them a very attractive and highly personal gift.


We just love Us. The simplicity of the piece truly signifies the meaning of ‘home’ – a family being together. With a lovely frame and neutral tones throughout, this gorgeous gift would hang beautifully on a wall or stand proudly on a coffee table, mantel, or shelving unit.



Of course, while new beginnings can be a hugely exciting time, they can be tinged with a little trepidation too. Treat your loved one to a gift that brings them comfort and joy during this time of change, with a gorgeous figurine as a thoroughly thoughtful housewarming gift.


Take a look at this vibrant and eclectic giftware collection designed by author and artist Kelly Rae Roberts. The Winged Inspiration Angel figurines use Kelly’s distinctive layered style; incorporating media such as acrylics, oils, collage and ink to convey tender messages of hope, love and peace through the symbolism of an angel.


We particularly love Trust the Journey. A sweet angel figurine presented in hues of turquoise, yellows and blues, the angel’s skirt is engraved with the words ‘Trust the journey’ – a sentiment that is bound to bring the new homeowners a sense of reassurance and calm in what can be quite a hectic time.


Finally, if you want to express your well-wishes in a more artistic way, you need to check out our Art Hearts range by Demdaco. Standing at 10cm tall, each piece features a special sentiment written across it with a tassel at the top, so the Art Heart can be used as a hanging decoration.  In addition, each piece comes with a gold-toned key, which can be fastened to the back of the heart, creating a stand effect to display the piece.


If you want to welcome someone special into their new home, why not gift them with Hope Shines Bright? This bright and bold piece featuring bright rainbow colours carriers a sentiment full of expectation for the future, and what better signifies a new beginning in a new home than hope!