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What Do Your Gifts Say About Who You Are?

January 01, 2018

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What Do Your Gifts Say About Who You Are?


Gift giving is about more than simply giving someone something that they need or want. Gift giving is an exchange of feelings as much as a material item. And that means that every gift you give says something about who you are as a person!


That’s right. The gifts that you give to your friends, family, and colleagues say something about you and about your relationship with that person.


Let’s look at some hot gifts you might be thinking about giving this year to see what type of gift-giver you are!


Personalised Products

Do you find yourself giving personalised gifts? From custom calendars to custom printed T-shirts, these gifts go above-and-beyond to make for a unique present for someone you truly appreciate.


If you like to give personalised products, you’re interested in making personal connections with those in your life. Rather than buying them something they said they would like, you want to enrich their lives using your close understanding of their likes and dislikes.


Giving this type of gift shows that you are attentive, loyal, and creative.


Handmade Gifts

Some creative gift-givers spend all their time making scarves, clothes, art, or other handmade items that will be given to friends and family as gifts.


If you like to give handmade gifts, you want to give all of your closest relationships something that is one-of-a-kind. With a gift that can’t be bought in a high street store, you’re sure to make an impression.


Giving this type of gift shows that you are caring, innovative and trustworthy.


Collectible Gifts

Another type of gift commonly exchanged is collectible items such as limited editions, artwork, or figurine gifts.


If you like to give collectible gifts, you want to give your loved ones something valuable that will continue to enrich their lives for many years to come. Not only are these gifts very unique, but they will also gain value as time goes on. This gift keeps giving!


Giving this type of gift shows that you are thoughtful, kind and charismatic.


Clothing or Accessories

Depending on how well you know the person you are buying gifts for, you may decide to pick up some clothes or accessories for them to add to their wardrobe.


If you like to give clothing or accessories as gifts, you want to give people something that they will actually use. Unlike some gifts, clothing and accessories are something that people actually need! This means that they’ll be well-used and well-loved.


Giving this type of gift shows that you are practical, sensitive, and warm-hearted.


Money or Gift Cards

There’s nothing wrong with buying a card and splashing the cash!


If you like to give this type of gift, you want to give people want they really want most by letting them choose the gift for themselves. While some people see this gift type as a bit of an easy option, you know that what you’re really doing is empowering the receiver with the ability to choose for themselves – and what better gift is there than the freedom of choice!


Giving this type of gift shows that you are honest, sensible and generous.


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