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What Does Your Favourite Disney Character Say About You?

March 05, 2018

The World of Miss Mindy Presents Disney Evil Queen

We all love Disney. From our childhoods to old age, the magic of Disney movies continues to warm our hearts. As you fill your home with Disney figurines, you may wonder why particular Disney characters speak to you more strongly than others. Find out what your favourite Disney characters say about you. 

Tinker Bell

You believe in magic, you are loyal to your friends, and you are always willing to help. You aren’t afraid to let yourself soar or go the extra mile to make everything turn out right. Every day you prove that heart and determination count for more than size.


Maybe you’re a little shy but your warm heart touches everyone around you. You bravely wear your heart on your sleeve for everyone to see. You may fall in love easily but you are a good judge of character. The people you cherish inevitably turn out to be worthy of your devotion.


Your friends aren’t fooled by your grumpy demeanour. Your grumble because you care. Everyone can trust you to plan ahead and to try to find the best way to handle any situation. Your planning pays off as you look out for all your loved ones and do the worrying for them.


People see your sweet, caring exterior but they soon recognise your strong will and determination. You are able to see beyond the surface to find the best in everyone. The people around you are inspired to reach higher and improve themselves after seeing your faith in them.

Mickey & Minnie

Romance is still alive and you are the one to prove it. Years may pass but you will not let your relationship falter. You keep the romance alive and make sure you still have fun together as a couple. Even if you are known for your classic colours and clothing, you always manage to put your own spin on it! People continue to be attracted to your energy, sense of style, and humour.

Donald Duck

Don’t mistake the bluster. You are determined and not willing to put on any airs. People know they can rely on you to take on challenges, whatever they may be. You are loyal so your friends don’t take your moods personally. They appreciate your passion and energy and strong will to accomplish your goals.

Evil Queen

Life is full of responsibilities. You juggle so many things with poise and style that people don’t always realise the work you put in to keep everything running smoothly. It’s no wonder you are so protective of your accomplishments. After your sacrifices to keep things in order, you feel justified in indulging yourself occasionally. Just don’t get carried away in your search for perfection.

Snow White

Hard work and organisation can bring people together. You help others, not for the recognition, but because that’s who you are. Sweet and upbeat, you can cheer up anyone’s day and make work go more quickly.

Buzz Lightyear

The world needs people willing to make sacrifices for the greater good. You put yourself on the line and take risks not for glory but because it’s the right thing to do. You can quickly captivate a room and entertain a crowd. That doesn’t mean you are full of bluster. You simply do what needs to be done in style and aren’t shy about speaking out.



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