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What Kind of Figurine Collector Are You?

March 05, 2018

Willow Tree Two Together Figurine | Gift Giving All Wrapped Up

Collectable figurines can bring a lot of joy to your life. You enjoy your collection and sharing them with friends. What you might not realise is there are different types of collectors. This can lead you to wonder what kinds of collectors are out there and how you fit into those patterns of collecting.


For some people, their collection is simply a part of their lives. Their collection may honour particular moments, celebrate accomplishments, or remind them to appreciate those we love and admire. Willow Tree figurines, for example, pay tribute to grandparents, siblings, children and other important people in our lives. Integrated collectors may place their figurines around the house so that they are well within sight and kept in mind. Rather than a separate collection, each figurine becomes a part of daily life. Integrated collectors love to incorporate their figurines into the rest of their day. This style of collector also tends to be a bit more laidback about their collection and willing to share their treasured possessions with others.

Centre Stage

Cabinets and shelves filled with collectibles aren’t just a way to keep figurines protected. It can make a statement, as well. By gathering collectibles together, visitors can better appreciate the size of the collection and the how the various pieces relate to each other. Figurines may be lined up in some sort of order or gathered together in a meaningful group.

Displays can provide a focal point to the room, making the collection a highlight. They also keep them separate from the rest of the house. This highlights the fact that they are special and removed from daily life. The centre stage collector wants to protect their treasures while still keeping them visible to others. Display cabinets make a statement while providing a place where the figurines can be arranged and kept in place. This is perfect for people who are very organised and tidy.


For some people, their collection is a goal in and of itself. They know which items they own so they may not need to put them on display or have them visible around the house. Their top consideration is retaining the value and condition of their collection. Figurines are kept in mint condition in the original sealed box. Mint in Sealed Box (MISB) may be an important consideration in the future value of their figurine so they are kept that way in a safe location. These collectors may keep their figurines to themselves but that doesn’t mean they are any less proud of them.


If your first thought when buying collectibles is how they will make other people happy, then you are a giver. As much as you might enjoy your own collection of figurines, you also love finding pieces that are perfect for the people in your life. You will help them celebrate the important moments in their lives by giving them an appropriate figurine. You want figurines to be the gift that keeps on giving to the people you care about most.