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Who's the Scariest Disney Character of Them All?

March 12, 2018

The World of Miss Mindy Presents Disney: Maleficent

The wonderful World of Disney is full of many fun-loving and joyful characters. From Snow White to Belle, there’s no doubt that optimistic souls make up the bulk of Disney characters.

But that doesn’t mean that the world of Disney lacks sinister or scary characters. In fact, it’s these characters that often leave the biggest impression on the plot of every Disney story!

Let’s break down the top five scariest Disney characters of them all:

5: Maleficent

Many people find Maleficent to be the scariest of all Disney characters, but this is not entirely true. Much of the lore surrounding Maleficent shows that while she was once a generous and loving spirit, she was scorned by those she loved most. This scorn led her to become one of the most memorable villains in the world of Disney.

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4: Mother Gothel

Mother Gothel from Tangled is a newer villain in the world of Disney, but that doesn’t make her any less scary.

While she may seem harmless when she is in her younger form, we must not forget that she has been around for hundreds of years, selfishly keeping the healing power of the magic flower to herself. Mother Gothel is overcome by her need to stay young forever, and this makes her an absolutely terrifying opponent! 

3: Scar

Lions are already kind of scary to begin with, so what about a lion determined to take over everything – even if it means hurting his own family?

There’s no doubt that Scar is a cold-blooded murder. Not only does he get his own brother out of the way to take over, but he also tries to get rid of his nephew. Sure, there can only be one lion leading the pack – but this is a kids’ movie!

Scar easily fits in as one of the scariest villains of all time. If you don’t care about your loved ones, what good do you have left inside of you? 

2: The Evil Queen

There’s no doubting whether or not this character is good or evil, after all, Evil Queen by name, evil queen by nature!

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While Snow White may have managed to live happily ever after, but the very scary Evil Queen had to be defeated first! 

1: Ursula

Many Disney lovers agree that the most terrifying of all Disney villains is the underwater sea witch herself, Ursula!

Ursula is conniving and evil for no reason other than her sheer enjoyment, and while some villains do evil without hurting anyone, Ursula makes it clear that she does not care who lives and who dies, as long as she gets what she wants.

There’s nothing more terrifying than a sea witch who has the power to make nearly anything happen. Thankfully, we’ve got the King of the Sea on our side!