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Why We Love Britto’s Disney Designs

September 24, 2018

Alice In Wonderland Mug by Disney BRITTO

Mickey and Minnie, Pluto, and Dumbo – there are so many members of the Disney family that we miss when they aren’t with us. They have become parts of our families and our lives. Britto adds a special magic to Disney, allowing adults to appreciate Disney favourites in a whole new way.


Adult-Friendly Décor

The sight of any kind of Disney figurine can brighten the day of a Disney fan. A Disney princess can remind us of magical moments playing dress up. Tinkerbell can make us want to take off on adventure or reconnect with our old friends. While Disney is wonderful, some of us feel a little awkward bringing our Disney love into our workplace or other public settings. That’s one reason why Britto and other inspired odes to Disney are so popular. Britto’s bright colours and special vision keeps a Disney mug from being just another Disney mug. These small works of art can hold our tea in style while they transform our cubicles from boring to exciting. Suddenly our morning cup of coffee becomes a magical moment. Britto Disney figurines add just the right touch of colour and creativity to brighten corners of our homes or the lives of our loved ones.


Dramatic Elements

There are several levels to appreciate in each Britto piece. For example, when we look at a Disney Britto Huey Dewey and Louie figurine, first we see three of our all-time favourite ducks. Then we notice their playful positions and how they are interacting with each other. Next, we pay attention to their adorable facial expressions that show off their fun personalities. Finally, we notice the colours and patterns Britto has contributed to each of the ducks. Or perhaps that’s the first thing we notice. The colours and design elements can capture our attention, snagging our eyes from across the room or across a conference room table. Then we begin to visually explore more, checking out the huge range of colours and the patterns on each lovable duck from head to webbed toes.


The artistry of Britto makes his work a great addition to interior design. The bold colours can brighten bland rooms or fit in perfectly wherever modern design is already featured. There are advantages to using figurines and other portable elements like pillows. They add the personality and colour rooms need but they can be rearranged to provide variety or make room for seasonal decorations.


The design elements provided by Britto can be particularly important in today’s homes. Newer homes tend to feature neutral colour schemes like shades of grey or tan. This type of design makes a great canvas on which to feature elements of colour or pattern. Unfortunately, many people have the basic colour scheme but never add the design elements that could take their rooms to the next level. An individual Disney by Britto figurine could add the right touch in a boring corner or a grouping of figurines could become the centrepiece of the whole room.


These little mini works of art also become great conversation starters. A so-so evening with friends or acquaintances could drift into a boring discussion of the weather or a possibly confrontational argument about politics or the best sports team. Instead, Disney images can help to transport everyone back to a simpler time of life. That can spark safer and more entertaining topics like the moments we liked best when we watched Disney movies as children or the childhood highlight of a visit to a Disney amusement park.



Being a fan of Disney or Britto is not a requirement. Even someone who isn’t familiar with Disney movies or artists can appreciate the Disney by Britto designs. The colourful designs are filled with joy and a sense of playfulness. How could anyone maintain a bad mood when faced with a Britto version of Eeyore? His sheepish expression can help to remind us to put any troubles in perspective and maintain a sense of humour. He’s colourful enough to brighten our spirits while we can de-stress by enjoying the various bits of patterns across him. These somehow come together to form one amazing, unified image we want to keep viewing. He practically screams happiness and fun, in spite of his seemingly downbeat personality.


Remember, it doesn’t matter why you like Disney by Britto designs. It could be because you collect everything related to your favourite Disney princesses or you want to gather heirlooms your family can enjoy over the generations. A cat lover might love a Britto Cheshire Cat figurine to round out a collection. University students might need that special touch to liven up student housing while reminding them of the special moments from their childhoods and of the family members who love and support their studies.


The point is these collectibles can be an easy way to add a little happiness to our daily existence or to show people in our lives how much we care. The key is to find items that bring a smile to a face or cheer to a day and go with that. Gather them together in groups, put them in a display case, or keep one by your side to make your workdays go a little more smoothly. Find what makes you happy and embrace it!

Background photo by Goran Ivos on Unsplash