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Why We Love Collectible Figurines So Much

January 01, 2018

Could Peter Rabbit ignite the figurine collector in you?

Why We Love Collectible Figurines So Much


Ah, to behold the magic of collectible figurines. There’s no denying that the intricate details of collectible figurines are impressive, and being able to collect figures for all the things you love makes them more enjoyable.


Why is it that figurines are so much fun to have and to collect? Many people mistakenly assume that figurines are meant for children or that they simply take up too much space, but anyone who has taken time to look at what type of collectibles are out there will understand the joy of collecting.


Here are five reasons that we just can’t get enough collectible figurines!


They’re Gorgeous!

The main reason that most figurine collectors just can’t get enough figures is because of how pretty they are! So many figurines have incredibly intricate details that make for a stunning display in your home.


From lovely lashes to cute little shoes, the most collectible of figurines will pay attention to every little element of the character to ensure that it stands out just as a piece of artwork should. And that’s what we love most!


They are a Unique Form of Decoration

Collectible figurines are more than just a hobby or a collection. They are also a way of decorating your home!


Some people like to buy pillows, other people prefer to use plants to decorate. For the collectors, we prefer to use carefully curated collectible figurines to bring our home decor together.


There’s no doubt that this type of interior styling is less common, and that’s part of what makes it so fun to do. How many people can say they have a stunning collection at home? Our passion and attention to detail is what will make our home stand out.


They Express Our Loves

We all have hobbies that we love, even if they are a little obscure. From science fiction movies to book series, there are tons of fandom-heavy hobbies that can feel a bit heavy-handed to decorate with at home.


And that’s where figurines come in!


Collectible figurines are often fandom inspired. This type of classy representation of your favourite loves and fascinations can help you express your character and where your interests lie in a universally accepted way. Everybody can appreciate the craft and imagination of a figurine collection, even if the subject of those figurines is something that they know very little about.


4 They’re Exclusive

There’s something special about owning something that not everyone can have. Exclusivity, silly as it may seem, is a big part of the appeal of building a collection of collectible figurines.


Most collectible sets have only a limited run on included products, meaning that only those who snatch up the figurines early can have them. This kind of marketing helps make each figure feel even more special and irreplaceable.


5 They Have Sentimental Value

Most importantly, figurines can be a very meaningful thing to collect!


Every figurine has a special place in our hearts and a special story that we hold inside about where it came from, why we bought it, and what we hope it means to you.


Figurines are more than just decorations. With our figurines, we tell a bit more about who we are and what we care about. Curate your collection to do the same!