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Willow Tree – Gifts from the Heart

March 12, 2018

Capture the Love with “My Sister My Friend” by Willow Tree Celebrate a Favourite Pet with Willow Tree Figures

The birth of a new baby, the bond between sisters, and the love of a grandparent. These are some of the most important things in our lives, but incredibly difficult to put into words. Now Willow Tree captures these moments and relationships in a way that will touch your heart. These lovingly designed, figurative sculptures make the ideal gift to honour special moments today, and become treasured possessions for the future.   


There are many important people in your life. Too often we leave our feelings and appreciation left unsaid and wait too late to celebrate the special relationships in our lives. Let Willow Tree figures convey your appreciation in a way no greeting card can. Pick the perfect gift for sisters, parents, children and more.

If you want your gift to last longer than so many of the presents that people exchange today, and be treasured forever, these are the gifts you’ve been seeking. The Willow Tree figurative sculptures are for adults and are designed to be cherished. These resin sculptures feature high-quality workmanship and they are each painted by hand with lead-free paint. From saying “thank you” to celebrating the purchase of a first home, there are Willow Tree figures that will convey your message in a unique way. 

Show a grandparent how much you care by recognising their important role, or celebrate the unique bond between brothers. These are special gifts for grandfathers and grandmothers, brothers and friends who contribute so much to our lives. Even remembering those who’ve passed away can be a little easier with these touching sculptures. This is what makes the Willow Tree collection such a special, poignant way to express your gratitude, respect and love.


Anyone who sees life beyond the day-to-day will appreciate Willow Tree’s tributes to faith and hope. Angels to watch over and offer protection make a special gift. Willow Tree also includes the Holy Family  figurative sculptures, which you will look forward to placing by your Christmas tree each year. 


Anniversaries, birthdays, and weddings are all wonderful times to celebrate. Don’t forget those other important milestones like your best friend’s first pregnancy or a child’s first pet. Willow Tree has figurative sculptures for each of these special moments in your life.

Small Works of Art

Touching, moving sentiments are featured in each sculpture and you’re sure to adore each one. Their graceful lines complement any home, adding a beautiful, positive touch to your bedroom or living room. From celebrating family occasions to showing your appreciation for a loved one, these figurative statues are a wonderful gift for any special person in your life.

Want to show someone how much you care? Browse the Willow Tree collection today and enjoy our beautiful figurines and the range of sentiments, occasions and people that they celebrate.