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Wonderful Gifts for Grandparents

March 12, 2018

Willow Tree Figuring: Grandfather with Grandchild

In today’s modern families, grandparents are playing a bigger role in the lives of many of their children and grandchildren. Whether they live around the corner or in another country, you want to show them how much you care. Here are gifts that they will treasure long after the wrapping paper has been cleared away.

  1. Keepsakes

It can be easy to take grandparents for granted. One way to show them how important they are to you is through Willow Tree figurines. These exquisitely-designed figures capture the special moments between grandparents and their grandchildren. There are even figurines to say “thank you” and recognise other important moments.

Giving a keepsake elevates a gift to something that will be treasured for years. In the meantime, these beautiful Willow Tree figurines are a steady reminder of how much you value the grandparents in your life. Make your special grandfather or grandmother happy today. The Willow Tree figurative sculptures also make a great collection to add to your own mantelpiece, to honour each member of your family.

  1. Keep connected

Most grandparents can’t wait for a few moments with their kids and grandkids. If the grandparents are located far away, it can be particularly difficult for grandparents to stay involved. Even if they only live across town, busy schedules can make communication a challenge. Video chats can be a great way to check in with grandparents. The visual element also works better for younger kids since they are more likely to lose focus with an audio-only call.

Set up grandparents to video chat and make frequent short calls to give them practice. With video, children can show off their latest artworks or new clothing. Suddenly, grandparents are involved with the small, yet important, elements of everyday life. Schedule a time that works well to video call or, for children who are old enough to call on their own, let them take the initiative.

For the computer-adverse, telephone calls could still be the best option. To help grandparents who live long distances, a smartphone can be a wonderful tool to help keep regular contact with loved ones. Just make sure Grandma and Grandad have a hand in downloading chat app you prefer, and that they have someone to show them how to use it. Allowing kids to call their grandparents whenever they want (without you worrying about the costs) can be a huge benefit to both grandparents and their grandchildren.

  1. Togetherness projects

Grandparents have so much knowledge and experience to share. Don’t miss out on this valuable resource and on the amazing memories that could be created. Plan projects that could be done together with grandparents around your homes. Get the grandkids involved with their grandparents, with arts and crafts kids they can do together. Check online for a range of projects they can complete. Birdhouses, decorations a bedroom, baking and mosaic patio tiles are just a few ideas for original ways they can spend hours of fun creating something unique. What better gift than something that brings people together?

  1. Organising memories

Another great gift is a stunning wall display that will help transport memories into the today’s world. Also, you can convert old video tapes to computer-friendly videos. Have old photos scanned so they can be kept on grandma and grandpa’s computers and easily shared with the rest of the family. Software to help organise photographs and videos is another great option. Even a digital frame could be a way to help display their images. If they have room, you could purchase a frame that holds a number of different images and fill it with a collection of pictures they’ll love and cherish. This could be a great talking point during family occasions as they explain the places, people and stories of each old photograph.

Let’s not forget to create new special moments and memories with the people we love.