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DC Comics by Grand Jester Studios

DC Comics by Grand Jester Studios

Golden age gifts

The initials DC actually came from Detective Comic, a popular series which consisted of Batman's first appearance. DC is one of the oldest comic companies in America and the majority of the Comic book stories take place within the DC universe. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman were created in the golden age of comics, known as the birth of modern comic books and the beginning of superhero comics!

DC Comics by Grand Jester StudiosGrand Jester Studios assembled the talents of designer and master sculptor Joe Jung, along with sculptors Vin Teng, Matt Beutler and painter Holly Knevelbaard, to bring the DC Trinity to life with these highly collectable, numbered pieces – only 1,500 statues available.

Wonder Woman - Wonder Woman stands strong and calm while surrounded by the crumbling temple, this new piece shows the strength and confidence of wonder woman perfectly in high detail.

Superman - A must have for any DC Collector; our Grand Jester Studios high quality collectable Superman Figurine is impeccably detailed and features Superman saving the day while holding the globe from the daily planet while Metropolis is under attack.

Batman - Batman frozen in time mid fight, protecting Gotham city. Grand Jesters studios have create a premium statue of the dark knight detective!

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