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Discover our brand new Wizarding World Collection!

We have something for all Harry Potter collectors with prices starting from just £12.00

Our super cute Charm figurines are a perfect way to start your collection at just £12 per figurine! All your favourite characters are now in a super sweet chibi art style —
collect them all!

House Goblets

Which house are you? Choose your house cup with our new Harry Potter goblets! These beautiful highly detailed goblets are perfect for showing which house you belong to. Are you a Hufflepuff, a hardworking, patient wizard who values justice and loyalty? Or are you a Ravenclaw, an intelligent and creative wizard with a love of learning and wit? Would your friends describe you as brave, a wizard with copious amounts of courage? In that case you're a Gryffindor! Or perhaps you belong to Slytherin, a house that values ambition and leadership. Are you cunning, resourceful, a natural born leader? Choose the goblet that fits you the best! We also have a Hogwarts goblet for those of you that just can't decide, maybe you belong to all 4 houses!

Hogwarts Waterball

Dream of receiving your acceptance letter and entering Hogwarts for the first time with our magical Hogwarts Castle waterball, highly detailed and full of magic, it's the perfect gift for all Harry Potter fans, or as a treat to yourself!

Save your pennies for even more Harry Potter collectibles with our amazing Gringotts themed money banks, the safest place for all your treasure!

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