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Disney Britto


All your favourite characters have been reimagined by Britto.

Pop Artist Romero Britto uses vibrant colour and bold patterns as a visual language of hope and happiness. Romero has captured each Disney character’s charm and spirit through his use of beautifully bright colours and bold patterns.

BrittoBritto loved art from an early age and is a self-taught artist! He holds great admiration for artists Picasso and Matisse, who’s artwork inspired him to create his iconic style bursting with colour and optimism.

A couple of our NEW Favourites from Disney Britto are Stitch who looks adorable as he smiles with those super cute puppy dog eyes! The perfect new addition to your collection if you adore Stitch just as much as we do!

Another of our new favourites is Disney's sassy Marie by Britto, pretty in pink Marie's character is captured perfectly in Britto's iconic design.

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