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Introducing…Miss Mindy

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A new Folk Artist who brings a unique twist to the iconic Disney brand!

Did you know that Miss Mindy inherited her flair for art from her grandmother, Mary, who was an ink and paint girl for the Walt Disney Studios in the 1930s and 1940s? It was a time where classic Disney films were born — and stories were brought to life through incredible art and animation — to create films and characters that are still dearly loved all around the world today. Miss Mindy has said that she was inspired by 80’s Anime, Disney, and Max Fleisher’s Betty Boop cartoons in her young artist life, and her grandmother was her biggest inspiration for her art!

Her new collections portray a vintage feel to Disney’s iconic characters with a modern, whimsical twist. Her characters sport mischievous expressions, exaggerated eyes and bold colours. Miss Mindy has been a prolific professional artist for many years, and continues to paint commissions for her private collectors. She also showcases her paintings and sculpture, whilst character designing for animation studios like Disney, WildBrain, and Warner Brothers. In addition, she has directed her own cartoon with Nickelodeon Animation, and has some treats in store for the future! Aside from Animation, Miss Mindy also creates illustration and ideas for Mattel, Hard Rock Café, Zippo, and many others. Miss Mindy’s world is a circus of the unexpected!

So now that we have introduced the fabulous artist herself, let us introduce her newest collection — Disney Vinyl — a whimsical collection showcasing Miss Mindy’s unconventional interpretation of Disney’s most classical characters.

The collection comes in series and is highly collectable! It characterises with unique tri-pod design and anime-inspired features. Each highly detailed piece just £25 each and comes in beautiful window-box packaging! Shop all vinyl — Series 3 and 4 are now available!


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