M Gifts Multi-tool set with Multi Pliers, Knife & Flashlight


Buy M Gifts for Men Multi-Tool Set with Multi Pliers, Multi Knife and Flashlight from the Official Site with Limited Availability. Supplied in a gift box. The M Gifts for Men collection from Border Fine Arts Contemporary Gift is a high quality gift collection combining well-made, useful tools and sleek packaging. Giving a gift of quality ensures your gift will be appreciated; giving a gift that is functional ensures it will be used. Even before you open the box, the sleek matt black packaging, featuring an embossed metallic monogram, ensures that these high-quality multi tools are admired from the moment they are received. This Multi-tool set with Multi Pliers, Multi Knife & Flashlight has the tools to cover many DIY needs. The multi pliers and multi knife together have 19 functions to assist with daily tasks. Perfect for jobs that might crop up. Height: 2.5cm

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