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Self Service Tea Towel


The new Kitchy & Co home decor collection is now introducing tea towels which is inspired by the witty and colourful photographs taken 'down on the farm' by Anthea Kitching making it the perfect gift or collectors item for animal lovers and domestic gods alike. The imagery has a warm country style with a contemporary twist and the collection, available from Border Fine Arts Studio, is expected to have wide appeal. Anthea, a self-taught photographer and digital editor, specialises in creating captivating picture stories where animals are the stars. Growing up with farm animals and still working with them day in, day out, has given Anthea inside knowledge not just of their muddy habitats but their friendly personalities. Featured here is a lovely decorated tea towel made from 100% cotton with two black and white calves literally lapping up split milk, helping themselves to the tasty treat as the white liquid spills on the ground around them. Height: 74.0cm

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