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My New Baby (Blush) Figurine by Willow Tree


This figurine includes a gift tag with sentiment 'Lots to learn to love to grow together'. "One of my favourite photos, taken long ago, is of my then-toddler daughter holding her newborn brother in exactly this pose. She is holding onto the baby with her entire body - her gesture communicating possession as well as pride and wonder. As the days and weeks passed, a little bit of big-sister jealousy crept in... Growing up together, they had to work things out... the push and pull, all the spats that siblings go through... gradually learning to love and support one another, until eventually discovering... they are each other's greatest gift." - Susan Lordi. A gift celebrating new beggings , new babies, new families...and the loving relationships that develop between parent and child, grandparent and child....A beautiful gift for Mothers Day Height: 7.0cm

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