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Surprise Figurine by Willow Tree


The figure includes a gift tag with sentiment 'A bouquet of wonderful wishes'."When tulips bloom, they're such a delightful surprise - a harbinger of spring... of longer days, sunshine , outdoor activity, new beginnings and refreshing changes. This figure holding a bouquet of purple tulips could be given to a friend as a congrats gift, a get-well gift, a symbol of hopefulness and renewal. Perhaps given to someone making life transitions, and moving on to something new...A bouquet of tulips can also be the little surprise gift that lifts one's spirits for no reason at all" - Susan Lordi. Agift to express best wishes, a congrats gift, a get-well gift, a symbol of hopefulness and renewal... perhaps for someone making life transitions, or moving on to something new... Or for those who love flowers | Height: 14.0cm

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